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  1. Turf Tamers

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    Just a piece of information on insurance. I decided to shop around for new rates this season and I discovered I was getting ripped off by my current carrier. I stumbled onto a company called Erie Insurance and found very competitive rates. They are as follows:

    $500,000 Liability 1,000,000.00 Blanket (Called the 5 Star Policy)

    Lawncare (mowing only) $157.00 per year
    Landscaping Mowing and Gardening $243.00 per year (Way to go)

    They also carry a very competitive policy for equipment coverage, around $90.00 per $10,000 of coverage!

    This is policy cost me less than half of what I was paying last year. If anybody gets a different story give me a shout. I'm binding my new policy around the middle of Feb.
  2. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Sucks their not in my state I doubt I can even get a quote they sound great and there about 80% less then I pay.
  3. thats way better than what I pay how about some info and numbers you can e-mail or p.m.
    thanks in advance

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    I have Erie, my liability premium for a million went from $235 to $295 for this year. Still, a heck of a lot cheaper than anyone else I looked at, and I got maybe a dozen or so quotes when I was starting up.
  5. Turf Tamers

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    J&C tried to e-mail you and the site said you had disabled the option that lets folks send you a e-mail. Anyhow call (Walker Insurance in Mebane NC) its in Alamance County ask for "Keith" and tell him I referred you (like i will matter). His number is 919-563-0051. E mail me and advise how it went @ Turftamer@BellSouth.Net
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    I just went and had a quote from erie. I had him give me 300,000 per occurance limit, 300,000 general agregate and 300,000 products and completed operations agregate. This is the min for being able to apply fertilizer in ohio. He quoted me 449. Why do you think your quote was less?

    He also quoted $19/$1000 for theft? 200/10000
  7. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Different state different rates My states know as one of the worst to get insurance in for 1 mill liability I am getting quotes of 800-1200 a year. Iv never had a claim go figure I feel I am getting ripped off but what I can do.
  8. sorry tim forgot to set that up I will call him this week if available and time permits still doing the tax thing.
    thanks for the info
  9. rodfather

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    A number of LS members here use Erie...they're supposed to be pretty good too.

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