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  1. DND Outdoor

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    I got a quote for my liability insurance and equipment theft w/ $500 deductible. THe liability is 1 Mil per incident with 2 mil agregate limit. I am effected by Michigan Liability laws. Was just curious if this was in the ball park. This doesn't include truck, thats insured through separate policy. I realize I may be newbie and may be called scrub by some but I won't work without liability insurance.
  2. CamLand

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    First I must ask,Why would we call you a scrub?
  3. jgtxusa

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    Who cares if they think you are a scrub. You need it to bid about any decent commercial account in my area. I know all of our management companies ask for your general liability and workers comp right off the bat. As many solo lco as there are in this sight, I would bet over 75% of them have neither. You are starting off in the right direction even if it costs more.
  4. aries

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    Being a scrub is not an issue here! the ? you are asking about the insurance you must give us a amount so we can comment on it, my liability in NJ is about $1,100.00 per yr this does not include truck work comp ect that is for 2ml coverage.
  5. DND Outdoor

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    I left out the cost...........its around $1000 a year for the terms I listed.

    As far as scrub remark, I guess it was fresh in my mind after reading so many negative posts on it. By definition of some on this board I must be one and I didn't want that to take away from focus of question.

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