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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by T. Matthews, Apr 30, 2003.

  1. T. Matthews

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    Hey Guys,

    I have a quick question, I just got liablitiy insurance. Do i needed to be bonded also what is it mean to be bonded?

  2. hosejockey2002

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    In my state you have to be licensed, insured and bonded if you are making any alterations to real property. If you are doing maintenance you don't need to be bonded. A bond protects the consumer if they pay you a bunch of money up front to start a job and you don't complete it. If you do this, then the consumer can go after your bond. In my state a specialty contractor needs a $6,000 bond. This costs me about $150/year. Your state's requirements are probably different.

    JD PLOWER LawnSite Member
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  4. Mykster

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    I think I got hosed. I paid $225 for my bond. I went through my Lia. Ins. agent. Maybe that's why.
  5. hosejockey2002

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    Mike- I got mine through my insurance agent also. Maybe he cut me a little slack because we were acquaintences before I did business with him.

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