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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by kutnkru, Feb 2, 2001.

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    Yesterday we received an invitastion to bid a rather large commercial complex. We can handle the grounds and snow removal without problems. But there is a stipulation for "interior plant maintenance".

    My questions are these:

    >>What are the keys for weekly monitoring of the plants??

    >>Are there any basic varieties that are common for seasonal color changes for these applications??

    >>What type of guarantee should I give for the changes in seasonal color??

    Does anyone have some basic guidelines to assist us with our propsal.

    Thanks for your advice,
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    I noticed your thread. We are getting the same request and have just begun to research what all this will come to. So far we are running into the fact that you need to visit each location twice weekly. Also in are are there is 3 distinct seasons for color. We are also finding that if we do the in door plants they want us to handle there seasonal displays. IE Thanksgiving, and Xmass. Some even want some additional color at Valentines days and such. We are going slow and probably will start offering the service this comming fall after getting the right people in house and slowly working into this.
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    Traditionaly the interior landscape guys and exterior guys always kept things separate. Seems lately the property managers want to lump this together. Tread carefully because it is a totally different game. People are much more critical about the interior stuff. Usually weekly care is sufficient but if you have a potted flower program then you have to go twice a week. Expect to change the potted flowers every 2 weeks on average. Here is a list of the best potted flowers to use and the life to expect from them with good care.
    Mums...2 weeks
    Azaleas....3-4 weeks
    Bromeliades.....8 weeks
    Pointsettias.....3 weeks
    Kalanchoe........2-3 weeks
    Anthurium.........4 weeks
    Cyclaman..........2-3 weeks
    Spring bulbs.....10 days
    Easter Lily......10 days

    You put in flowers you make sure they look great and you change them when needed even if you get a lousy batch and they only last a few days (it happens)

    Also count on a liberal replacement rate for the green plants. Most customers won't put up with excuses for poor looking plantings.

    I suggest you find a good interiorscaper in your area to hook up to. Check for more help

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