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    I'm curious to find out if anyone has used the Integrator by Integral lighting? It looks like it might make things easier, but on their website they don't really go into much detail. We've got a very large backyard hardscape and landscape lighting project comming up and I think we will probably be utilizing many of the integral IL 6's and IL 18's. In fact I think just because sometimes servicing these types of fixtures after install can be troublesome at times, I'm probably going to try out the led's for the first time. So if anyone has experience using the Integrator I'd love to hear the pro's and con's of them. Thanks.
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    I haven't used it but looked at the web site. The system appears workable and I like the stainless insert; it may help keep the installation looking uniform and professional.

    Don't forget to pull the LV wire. Their instructions kind of just run over that detail. Remember, it's much better to have a foot extra than to be 1 inch too short.

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    Also, be sure to run all your circuit wire through conduit inside the wall structure itself. If not, the mortar that comes in contact with the PVC wire jacket can deteriorate the jacket over time, and there is no fixing that later. Not sure how or where you plan to make your wire connection between the fixture and the feed circuit but technically any such connection should be accessible.

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