Interchangeable Trimmer Gearboxes?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by pobox, May 4, 2007.

  1. pobox

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    Does anyone know which brands of gearboxes interchange? Example: Stihl makes gearbox attachments without the split boom shaft. Will these fit other brands shafts and drive cable/shafts and which ones? Echo, Husky, Tanaka, Etc? It seems like I am always trying to make my own version of a tool.
  2. pobox

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    Ah, Is this thing ON? Check Check One Two!
  3. ed2hess

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    Well take Echo they make two kinds of shafts and they can't be switched. You might go to the repair section and focus the question down a bit....if you are thinking you can buy up a bunch of junk and mix and match and produce a few good units....probably better hobbies than that.
  4. pobox

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    Sorry Hess, why is it that some people on Lawnsite just assume that others are idiots. I thought this site was here for people to share knowledge and experiences. The question was fairly specific. Is Stihl, Echo, Husky and Tanaka
    Junk? Is putting a Stihl hedge trimmer gearbox attachment on a Echo trimmer a bad hobby?
  5. topsites

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    I think there exists some interchangeability between all brands, but as for knowing which goes where, I also believe there's only one way to find out.

    I know for a fact, the mufflers on a Stihl fs-85 and an Echo srm-260s interchange perfectly... But I found out because I had a crapped out fs-85 laying around and an Echo that needed one, at $50 a muffler I was willing to pull the one off the Stihl just to see if it fit, and lo and behold, it did.

    I do agree with the saying 'Never throw away broken equipment, you never know what parts you might can use.'
    But beyond that it is a matter of taking both apart, and seeing if it works.
  6. pobox

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    I agree topsites. Unfortunately, I don't have any Stihl gearbox attachments to try and the Stihl dealer would have to order one. I'm sure I could get an Echo PAS hedge trimmer attachment, remove the shaft and only use the gearbox and blades. I also have an Echo short reach power pruner that a hedge trimmer would be reel nice on. Maybe even the articulating version might be good for tight places or working off of a ladder. It seems that whatever tool I grab is too long, too short, too heavy, etc. Stihl and Tanaka both have a hedge trimmer gearbox attachment for use on their string trimmers. Stihl has several different attachments. Echo makes a tiller but no other cutting head attachments. I had a similar situation with a Cub Commercial pole saw that I wanted to put a hedge trimmer cutting head on. I would have had to buy each individual part and assemble them but the cost was almost as much as their dedicated extended articulating hedge clippers. So I bought a whole new unit. I'm sure I'm not the only person to have these experiences hence the Pro Attachment Series and Kobi Systems. I must applaud Stihl for giving their customers another option. Thanks for the posts.
  7. pobox

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    How about a 10' long string trimmer for reaching over flooded ditches, ponds, etc. Maybe buy a 3 or 4 foot extention to use in various configurations. Oh Look! :hammerhead: There I go Again....

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