Interchanging Scag Mfg. Blades


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I buy Scag blades for my 52" mower which was purchased new this year. When looking at the part numbers on the blade I found that when purchasing new blades from the dealer they give me the 18" blades listed as blades for a 36" (Part # 481707) instead of what the owner's manual states that I should use on a 52" which are 18" blades (Part # 48108). The numbers are stamped on the blade. Although they are different part #'s does it really make a difference? They are both 18". My dealer says the ones they give me are what is supposed to go on my mower.

Thanks for your replies!


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East Tennessee
They are the same exact blades but by putting 2 different part #'s on them the dealers will (hopefully for Scag's sake) keep both on hand and generate mo money.

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