Interest? f450 crew cab dumping flatbed

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by DrottLawn, Feb 14, 2013.

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    I can get my hands on a 05 f450 crew cab with dumping flat bed from that brown company :). It has a non running 6.0l in it. I do not have much details about it, it was a spur of the moment type thing. I have to give a answer by tomorrow afternoon. It should have under 100k miles on it also. Just gauging if there is any interest for it. I dont need anymore trucks, but am willing to make someone a deal on this one. Price is not set, but would be most likely be in the 3500-5k range. Let me know.
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    You have pictures from the truck.:waving:
  3. DrottLawn

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    Ok, so I got to go peek at the truck. Here is what I know. It is pretty darn good shape. Body is clean with no dents or rust. Dump bed has minor minor surface rust. It dumps as it should. I peeked at the odometer it was 63,450. The drivers seat has a chunk missing out of it, but the rest of the truck is good. The only thing the truck is missing is a step bar on the drivers side. It has two fuel tanks, that is switchable inside on the dash. I quickly looked under the hood and it appears that it had a head gasket blow. (my opinion). There is antifreeze all over on the drivers side of motor and frame. As long as they do not swap the tires with bad ones, all 6 are almost new! It is 2wd. I would also paint the cab white if I end up with it. Anyone interested? Sorry no pics!
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    firm price? Need pics
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