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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by lawn guy1350, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. lawn guy1350

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    Hey guys,
    Im wanting to get into the exterior lighting and was just needing some pointers. i have been i business now for 3 years and i want to expand. there is not alot of people in my area offering the exterior lighting, so i want to jump on it! so if theres anyone who can help me out please let me know.

  2. Allure

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    hey Ryan,
    i am in a similar situation. I took a lighting class last week that was taught by the owner of cast lighting.

    also, it was suggested to me to go through previous posts in the lighting forum to look at examples of other peoples work & the comments that were posted about them. I have found this to be very helpful.

    Someone also recommended these books
    1. the landscape lighting book (2nd edition) by Janet Lenox Moyer
    2. How to Design and Install Outdoor Lighting (Ortho Library) by
    Wilson, William
  3. lawn guy1350

    lawn guy1350 LawnSite Member
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    hey thatnks for your help. yeh ive been readin through the posts here and alot have been helpful. especially ones with pics. i wonder if theres any classes in my area? i need to find out.
  4. Allure

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    check your local colleges. Also, check the websites of manufacturers & distributors in your area. Many will have classes or seminars.

    I know i will be attending a Cast hands on seminar where you actually work on a residential lighting project from start to finish.

  5. lawn guy1350

    lawn guy1350 LawnSite Member
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    I just checked out their website and found out the lighting project. Hopefully they'll be getting back to me. Thanks for your help.
  6. NightScenes

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    Lawn Guy, get in touch with Rich Swor with Longhorn Irrigation Supply. He is in Plano and can really help you out. His # is 972-423-0823. Tell him that I sent you and he will have you up and running in no time.
  7. lawn guy1350

    lawn guy1350 LawnSite Member
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    Thank you so much paul. I will give him a call today. I really appreciate the help.
  8. perfectlawncare

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    How did you like the Cast lighting training? I am going at the end of Jan.

  9. Pro-Scapes

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    one thing al the new guys need to remember... every distributor and manufacture is going to tell you how easy it is to make a ton of money.

    while good lighting is very rewarding (feeling good about a nice job and finacially) its not all easy work. You will spend evenings away from home.. you will be digging trenches.. you will be tired sweaty and sore at the end of the day.It also takes alot of time at the desk proposing jobs and planning systems to operate properly.

    Im not trying to discourage guys ust dont think its the latest and greatest get rich quick idea where yu can just go out and plop some lights in the ground and call yourself a lighting contractor. Its HARD work!
  10. Allure

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    Billy - Thanks for the good advice. I will say the guys from cast did not make it sound easy or over hype the business in the class that i took. They were careful to constantly promote good design & professional practices.

    no doubt there are a few who took the class who are already booking installs, but i saw it as an introduction to the craft & it made me want to seek out additional instruction such as a hands on installation seminar.

    When i am ready, my 1st install will be at my house where i will work to improve my skills before taking on any business. I want to help elevate the green industry not devalue it by doing unprofessional work.
    Thanks again.

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