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Discussion in 'Power Washing' started by Grass Happens, Jan 13, 2008.

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    First off, i did try to do a search, but it kept telling me that there was an error, so I read through as many posts as I could; however I was left wanting. I am interested in adding pressure washing to my business offerings, but I have some basic and not so basic questions.
    I have garnered that for a professional set-up, volume is more desirable then pressure. It seems that CAT brand is also a good pump manufacturer.
    What other benefits do higher volume pumps have? Is it that they are less likely to strip paint off, and/or damage things? What other brands of pumps are acceptable? or is this like a ford v. Chevy thing?
    When adding chemicals to the mix (no pun intended) what kind of safety issues does one have to look out for? Are most cleaning agents simply bleach or a detergent? What about add-on's? I saw something about a surface cleaner, what is that?
    Why is insurance so much more expensive then mowing, apparently? If that is accurate, what would be an acceptable first year premium. (PM me if your so inclined)
    Also, what are the marketing challenges with this type of business versus a landscaping operation.
    Thanks in advance!
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    All good questions. send me a private e-mail with your name and phone # and we will talk.
  3. Happy Frog

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    Contact Bob from
    He will help you set up with the right equipment, methods and chemicals...

    Pressure Tek Sales 12404 Triskett Rd Cleveland, Ohio 44111
    Local 216-634-0025
    Toll Free 1-866-700-0044
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    Cleaner. I saw no option to PM you. But if can PM me, i will give to you my email address. Just to clarify, I don't wish to waste anyone's time for assistance, as I am in the preliminary stages of my due-diligence, so please don't be mislead that I will be going out tomorrow to buy equipment, etc.
    Thank you again.
  5. the cleaner

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    My e-mail is
  6. LeifGreen

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    are you going to do more res. or com.? for flat work ( concrete) your going to want at least 5.5 gmp. if your doing mainly res. you could get by with a 3.5 4000 psi machine. as far as the chem. go to the web site listed above. they have everything you would need. a surface cleaner is kinda like a mower deck with 2 wands instead of blades. these spinn and clean concrete much faster than doing it with you lance. also you going to want at least a 5.5 gmp hot water machine with the surface cleaner. cat pumps are pretty good. especially if your just starting out.

    hope this helps.


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