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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ctvalley, Jan 11, 2007.

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    Today, I ventured out to a few new properties in search of work this coming spring/summer.

    While walking along through the property the manager stopped me and we happened into a great conversation with her as to her needs at this site. (I also, was given info on two other properties from her).

    As I am new I have a couple of specific questions to find out.

    1. The manager told me that the ground is claylike and drains poorly. They have put in irrigation drains and plan to put a few more in soon. Is there anything else that I could suggest.

    2. The manager wants me to provide a fertilizer program. She is looking for the grass Is there a site for zone 5 as far as a basic fertilizer program that anyone may know of?

    3. Mulch is everywhere at this site!! Around every tree...flower bed, stairs..foundations, etc. 3-4'' is the norm. Is there a site anyone knows of to get red cedar mulch delivered and for how much?? I have a few places around that provide it but the price isn't too great.

    4. Finally, Edging is to be done. I figure once a month should be sufficient. Does anyone think this is too often/not often enough? Any suggestions are very welcome

    Thanks in advance for your advice

    I went to three other places, 2 banks and one pharmacy...I was pleasantly surprised to find that these people were welcome to my bid. As a matter of fact one branch manager was happy to see me and told me of the horrors from her last landscaper. She really didn't have to tell me....i could see it for myself...what a mess...looks like some leads for me...i'll keep you posted later on that.
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    well, sounds like things are going well for next spring. As far as the soil and fert program I would do the following:
    1. Soil Test- this will map out your fert program for the next two years and be able to help with the clay soil when you renovate (recommendations as to what to topdress with
    2. When you say edging, i am assuming all of the flower beds. i would use a bed edger in the spring when you do all of the mulch and from then on, use a weedeater.
    3. I would definitely have a bladeblocker or go to all mulching on the site. You'll be thankful that you did later.
    Hope this helps..also if you need more then 12 yards, get a company w/ a barkblower to do it unless you have the labor.
  3. ctvalley

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    I would attempt the soil test, but I don't think I'll be able to attempt that until i get the bid. What I was hoping to do was get the bid with a generic fertilizer/seeding program and then do the soil test and ammend my plan after. It is a new property and they have had some irrigation problems on site. mainly the manager is looking for green grass. that is her number one idea. But, as is my pitch, "I want the customers to be happy and be able to rely on me and be dependable on my service"

    Anyother suggestions

    also, does anyone have a chart for 48'' and 52'' mowers as to what they average per hour. This property has two large areas that I am measuring tommorrow and I hope to be able to estimate my time there as best as possible.

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