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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by 1idejim, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. 1idejim

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    Went on a job yesterday afternoon where the sprinklers wouldn't come on.

    Well system so i verified water by bleeding a few valves.

    Hydraulics eliminated i went to the controller. No response on manual single station.

    118 vac in 28.2 out.

    Continuity on all stations but no tone on 3 stations. Those 3 stations made my meter buzz or hum during the test.

    I began to isolate the system and test each path a number of ways.

    There were 8 stations in use, 1 & 2 were 14 ga single strand (one of which was stranded wire) with 14 ga common. 3 runs of 18 ga multi strand with only 2 commons in use.

    Stations 1 = 25 ohms, 2 = 52 ohms.

    I measured the number 1 common against the remaining stations to pair them up, here is what i got.

    3-99, 4-27, 5-13, 6-25, 7-100, 8-100

    Next i measured common 2 against all of those stations.

    3=54, 4=18, 5=58, 6=71, 7=57, 8=58

    When i left the system was working in both manual and in a test program that i set up.

    This was a thought twister, what do you think i found?

    My money is on Sprinkus, maybe Boots figuring this out in a hurry.

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  2. Wet_Boots

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    some bad parallel/series wiring juju going on there
  3. 1idejim

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    Yup, knew you would figure it out. Now, best guess on where i found it?

    Hint: i was onsite 1.5 hrs and only worked in 1 VB.

    Where did i find the problem?

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  4. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    short common/partial connection? located @ clock?
  5. bcg

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    My guess is the problem was with the wiring at the valve for zone 2 but I could completely wrong. I do much better with these when I can put my hands on the wires and troubleshoot them visually in addition to the meter.
  6. grassman177

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    i think at valve 2 as well, common. I found something like that recently, on a new system i installed. Had no common making it to valve one and mv, at the end of the wire.
  7. jbell36

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  8. 1idejim

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    Don't just sit on the fence and wait for an answer, draw a number from the hat and give us your best shot. This is a learning moment for all of us.

    Even though they don't speak up much, there are some top notch troubleshooter's on this forum (even Boots) and i would like to hear what they think.

    I would like to let this ride for a couple days, that way maybe Sprink, BCG, Waterlogged, Dana, Hosk, Txirrigation, Irrigation Contractor, A1, Boots, irritation and ML will chime in too. :)

    You lurkers toss out a theory, you might be right, you might not.

    I just thought this was a little more of a challange than we usually see.

    The numbers are there, take a shot.
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  9. jbell36

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    ive only been doing irrigation for 2 years now, so i'm still learning a lot, especially when it comes to electrical...i learn a LOT from this site, and think threads like this one are the most helpful, we should do more of these more often...i've got one for you guys after this one gets cleared up...

    my initial thought was zones 4, 5, and 6 were giving you trouble...i'll give this one some thought tomorrow morning and see what i can come up with...i'm still a little confused on the wiring coming into the controller tho
  10. mitchgo

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    Common was in series with zones 4 and 5 ?

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