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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by 1idejim, Jul 1, 2013.

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    A diagram with the valve boxes and cable pathways might help some folks with a diagnosis.
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    X2!...i'm still confused on the multi-strand, why there would be multiple multi-strand, unless i'm reading it wrong...

    Kiril has a great only question would be is this a new install that someone else did? because you would think the original installer would have at least had the system running before he left...and if it's not a new install, then why would the wires be switched? which would make you think that it's something else
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    It is a very confusing situation to say the least. The multiple multistrand is not uncommon anywhere i have worked. Note that there were only 2 of the 3 commons used at the controller.

    Chief is on track but his number is off. Not a new install, prolly 70s/80s.
    Numerous repairs by numerous people would be a good reason.

    I did have a little edge as i located 3 valves last winter here.
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    3,5,7,8 use one of the commons and the other valves use the second common. May have been a large obstacle and they had to horse shoe the system, or added zones at a later date. Usually instead of running two commons guys splice in at a valve box.
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    The 14ga common was not colored differently and wired incorrectly.
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    i think this is hot on topic
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    Number Four
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    I'm going to take what's behind door number three, Bob.
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  10. 1idejim

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    Remember there are 3 multistrand paths Tx. and i stated that only 2 were used at the controller. I found that the other was picked up in the field at a valve box.

    Com 1 = 5 & 6

    Com 2 = 4

    Com 3 = 3-7-8

    You were close, my first thought was 3-4-7-8
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