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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BULLGRAZER, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. I started the new thread ‘For you NEW LCO’s’ and it was viewed 16 times within 5 minutes. If each hit was one individual viewing, that meant MANY people here are lurking – meaning NOT SIGNED in to LawnSite (5 were signed in at the time). Why not LOG IN –come on in, be counted, share, checkout others profiles, find out not only what is what but who’s who. Heck, I’ve made some good friends and business contacts here in short time. I have even met other green industry business owners who I have seen on the street in passing and others I never knew were in my neck of the woods. I even traded accounts recently with one owner I met here and it was best for us both and the customers.

    Please at least give it a shot…recently LawnSite had a contest (as you may be aware) as to what the site slogan should be. The winning selection is “Professionally Growing Together” – the operative word is TOGETHER.

  2. dkeisala

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    And yet another thread goes unanswered....I guess you got yor response.
  3. dkeisala,

    I hear you...Well, at least hopefully most of the 'lurkers' are reading it with both eyes wide open. Did not really expect replies -was scratching my head wondering so I thought I would attempt to rattle the bushes a bit, point out the facts and ask a simple little ole question - WHY NOT LOG IN?

    Oh well, its our loss too - but their's is greater for now.

    Thanks for the reply dkeisala,

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    Know what you mean, really makes ya wander sometimes when you see new threads go unanswered, happens to me too.
    You make goods points though, good on ya!
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    I guess some people could be intimidated but I think everyone has something to share. I've been in the biz for 8 years and it amazes me how much I have learned here. You don't have to run a huge company to have a good idea.
  6. dkeisala

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  7. mtdman

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    Some people just lurk, don't want to post. There's lurkers at every board. Some people don't automatically log in, or log in only when they have something to say. I read some posts and don't have any comments, don't make a post. Sometimes at school I visit here on the computer and don't log in because I don't trust security on school computers. There's a ton of reasons. No biggie.
  8. I mean really, is it just me? After all, why do the majority of people visit this site would you say? Easy to answer - gain knowledge which in turn helps improve their business, service level, customer base and cash in hand I think would be fair to say.

    SO - why not get invlolved totally. Honestly, with all due respect to those reading this who may feel I'm a big A__H___, if you operate your business half A__ much like coming to this site and lurking about half way not contributing and getting the full low down on all, well - enough said - BEST-O-LUCK TO YOU because you're gonna need it - FACT!

  9. mtdman,

    You are absolutley correct - I totally agree - but you do Log In. I suppose I was specifically addressing those that never submit/share - I mean NEVER.

    I know what goes around comes around - and when you have a reference tool such as this site and such helpful nice people and as important as the information is to us folks in this world - would you not want to jump in with both hands on the keybord (both index fingers in my case) and ask, tell, share, question, wonder or just plain know a little bit more (profile) about some of these jerks llike BULLGRAZER and such. Know what I'm driving at here. I understand different strokes and all BUT - I'm still puzzled.

    If I appeared to be making a big deal about it – I was, just where I stand on this issue - my 2 1/2 cents worth - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I'll end it here.

  10. BTW - mtdman,

    I just made the connection, you are TJ'S LAWN SERVICE. I like your web site - came across it some time ago - nice job.


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