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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by The mayor, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. The mayor

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    Last fall I aerated a lawn from one of my ads I was running. They liked the service and wanted me to start a full service in the spring( mow fert&squirt, etc.) Now the problem. I charge if they don't pick up after their dog. The customer doesn't have a dog, but the neighbor does and it likes to crap in their yard. The customer says that they will pick up before I come. What do you do when the yard is not picked up from the dog.
    The yard is very well maintained but the customer is getting older and would like to go out fishing more than yard work. I am sure he does not want to stir up problems with the neighbor about the dog. It has been going on for years from what he said.
  2. MarcSmith

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    tough situation, why should the neighbor have to pay for some one elses dog poo. I would imagine that the two neighbors should be able to figure something out, especially if they are at least conversant with each other.

    Most communties have leash laws anymore so even a random flyer with the leash law stated may be enough.

    He could allways pick up the poo and toss it back to the neighbors yard.

    I had to shorten the run on my dog since he was doing his business just across the prop line, no biggie the neighbor asked politely and i was in worng so there was no argument...

    If I was you, I woudl not get involved. You be the nicest guy in the world and same thing very nice and respectful, but the neighbor could take it the wrong way and then get pissed at you and his neighbor...and then youd have possible two people upset at you...
  3. LawnTamer

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    If you find poop on the lawn, go to the neighbor and explain that your employer will charge your client a fee for dog waste removal. Explain that you won't charge this time because you know the client doesn't have a dog and you don't want to cause a stir between neighbors, you're just there to give a friendly heads up because other techs from your company will charge for dog waste removal.
    That way it's not you 'being the bad guy'. You are just giving a friendly warning and pointing out a problem.
    Either that or just ignore the problem and pick the poop up when you find it.
    My experience is that he probably doesn't even know that his dog is doing it.
  4. mslawn

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    Run over it and don't worry about it, or reprice the yard to figure in variables like this. I can't believe people are actually charging dog crap as a line item. I do not pickup dogs--t anyway so I will run over it, I yet to see a commercial piece of equipment harmed by poop. This is not an office job, you are gonna get dusty and dirty and once in blue moon get a little poop on the shoes.
  5. qps

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    The you must like the smell of crap in your tires all day....and yes it will damage the lawn.:rolleyes:
  6. MarcSmith

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    Doesn't smell any worse than rotting wet grass and when rolled over and chopped into oblivion the lawn is no worse for the wear and helps it break down faster.....In fact Urine is worse than poo becasue of the high urea content....Too Much N...Milorganite is dried human poo...

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deemed pet waste a "nonpoint source of pollution" in 1991, which put dog waste in the same category as oil and toxic chemicals!

    So those of you are removing the poo, are you disposing of it properly? or is just ending up in the landfill.....

    There are plenty of alternatives to tossing the poo in the trash, use it as an upsell and that way you don't have to hual it around and buy trash bags...
  7. MarcSmith

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  8. mslawn

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    I never said it would not damage the lawn.:rolleyes: When several properties a day is done with that piece of equipment, the crap is not in the tires very long,so I am not going to pick it up.:dizzy: As MarcSmith said-it smells no worse than wet rotting grass. If a turd can stay in the tread long enough to smell it all day then it is time to advertise and get more WORK!:eek: I usually do not even scoop the poop from my Basset Hound in my yard - not when the mower will mulch it up for me. When you have pets sometimes you will not have the best lawn on the block, a little brown spot here and there where their pee burnt the ground is normal. :eek:
  9. mslawn

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    Caught In The Act!!!!!!!!!

  10. Likestomow

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    If you want this account, talk to your customer. If he agrees, what I would do is mark the piles with a flag and then mow around them, just like mowing around a small tree. Trim around the piles, but don't remove them. When you leave, just sprinkle a good amount of cyan pepper on each one and remove the flags. In one or two weeks your problem will dissappear.

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