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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fblandscape, Aug 12, 2003.

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    I have posted about this property before. BIG place; several acres, 4 car garage attached to BIG house, fountain in front of house, tennis court, in ground pool, etc. Takes 1 1/2 hrs for 2 people on big riders to just cut.

    I worked at this place for a friend cutting the grass with his daughter. He got $75 for it each week :dizzy: He and his daughter got into a fight and she no longer cuts the lawns for him. About a month ago I went with him to cut the grass. He never went back after that because he realized that he had underbid it, and because of the horrid drainage problem. Before his daughter quit, we had taken the homeowner's lawn mower with us to get it fixed as per his request. My friend still had the lawnmower at his house and I offered to return it to the homeowner. He was fine with that. So today I brought the mower over to this guy's house. The man who works there told me to come back later, because apparently the homeowner had somebody come in 2 weeks ago to cut 3 weeks worth of growth, but that guy wasn't coming back. So a bit later I talked with the homeowner. It turns out that we both went to the same college. He wanted to know what happened with my friend and I explained the situation about the money and offered to re-bid it. I told him $300 to cut the place every week, and to do half the trimming each week. He wanted to know about cleaning up some weeds in the driveway and I told him $150 just to spray them with Round-up. Long story short, I think he was more interested in having me do the work than my friend. Now my friend has helped me out a bunch of times when I was in jams and doesn't ask for anything in return.

    So what do you all think? Would it be wrong of me to take this account? My friend quit because he wasn't getting enough for the lawn, and wasn't getting the side work he wanted. I was able to get it after 10 minutes talking with the guy.
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    I would go for it...I look at it this way, your friend had the opportunity to rebid it or talk to the homeowner about the situation, which he did not.

    If your friend gets mad at you for taking it, just tell him, "hey you had the opportunity, but you passed it down, nothing personal its just business."
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    take it,let your friend help you and pay him $100/week...Only reason I say pay him that is because 1)he'll but making more than what he was doing it himself and 2)since you're trying to be nice about it because he's a friend,this will make everybody happy... He can't really get mad at you for that,so if you're worried about pleasing him thats my solution

    I don't see why you would pass it up
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    your friend walked. it's yours now.

  5. drobson

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    He quit, so obviously he didn't want to do it. Doesn't sound like there was any bad feelings between him and the owner, so I wouldn't worry about it. It would be different if the owner fired him or if he left for reasons other than his own.

    I don't think I would let him work at the account. If I was the homeowner and came home and found the other guy doing the work and I was paying you more, I think I would be pretty upset. Or maybe he would feel like he was played for more money and still has the same guy doing the work. Either way, it doesn't seem right to have him working there.
  6. BBS

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    good point,I retract my statements lol... but take the account
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    Take the job. It's not like it's an ex girlfriend!
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    Take the job and do it solo. If you need a bigger mower, buy one. That job alone will pay it off. As far as your friend goes, live and learn. Whatever you do, don't use your friend on that account. I'm with drobson on this one. Could end up costing you a nice account.

    Don't forget to use a written contract.
  9. bastalker

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    Step in crap an come out smellin like a rose!!

    Can I bring his mower back next time???;)
  10. Rustic Goat

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    If you don't take the account someone else will.
    After bidding on it, if you don't take the account, the owner isn't going to have anything good to say about you, in case anyone should ask.

    Your friend should not go back to assist with this account. Water could start getting muddy with issues.

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