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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by turfcare, Jun 9, 2003.

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    I get a call from a lady I know on Friday. She asked me if I could mow her lake lot. She said another LCO was doing it but he did not have time to get to it. I asked her if she wants it cut this once or does she want me to take it over. She said she wanted me to take it over. I asked her if it was alright with the other LCO because I know him and did not want to take anything from him. She told me she spoke with him and he was all for it because he was so busy. Well, she asked me how much I would mow her lot for and I told her I would have to look at it first. She told me another friend of mine knew where the lot was because he lived in the same subdivision. So I went and got him Friday night and he showed me where the lot was. The weeds were over my head! I told my friend it would probaly need a bush hog. Well the next morning I called her and gave her my price. I was feeling brave so I loaded up and went to the lot to put my Toro 23hp 62" to the test. This machine absolutly amazed me. I mowed the lot after several passes. Feeling proud I went home. Sunday afternoon I get a call from the lady who owns the lot and she says well I guess you did not have time to cut my lot. I said yes I did, it took me a while but I cut it. Well turns out, I cut the wrong lot! So I found the correct lot Sunday afternoon and it was just as bad. Weeds over my head and in the woods. Luckily the guy who lived next door warned about several stumps. I got the lot cleared and it will be a piece of cake now.
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    Guess you got some good practice in. :)
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    Too bad about spending time at the wrong location but at least you have it mowed now so you just have to maintain it. Great to hear that your Toro was up to the task!

  4. ElephantNest

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    Get in touch with the owner of the first lot you cut and say "this is what it could look like always, how do you like it?" Sign you up, sir?
  5. turfcare

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    I may have to go into the bushhog buisness LOL!
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    LOL Look good huh? Want more? :D

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