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I guess I'm going to try and help Eric out here, there are now 802 registered members on this forum with only 46 in the who, what, where posts! I for one find it really interesting to read about others and find out a little about them. Why is it so difficult to put something in there that will let others know a little about you? If you think you don't stack up, thats bull cause we all started the same way, if you think your company is too big for this forum, thats bull too cause the rest of us might catch you one day! If I can figure correctly there is only.057 % of the registered members that have entered anything in that section. I would like to start having regional chats with others from my region, and others might want to do the same. Eric has started Dixie chat and that is a lot of fun, when time permits, to just shoot the bull! Come one, come all, put a little something about yourself in there and lets get it growing.<p>Homer