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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by environment, Nov 6, 2004.

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    does anyone on the boards here work in this field, or know anyting about it. I have an uncle that does tons of office installation in the city and he wants me to look into it because he could most likely get me some large jobs in NY, problem is I know nothing about it yet
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    This can be a profitable business...but it is one that would require you to do some serious study of the different plants, their specific applications (low light, medium, high light requirements for example) How to pot them, prune them, know the insect / disease susceptibilities, a license to apply chemicals to control them (varies from state to state). Where are you going to source your plants? Most of the production of commercial tropicals for the east coast is S. Fla (Homestead area) so you can find brokers to buy and ship to you but do you have a greenhouse space to store the plants? You will need a heated box truck / van to transport the plants as many will not tolerate temps below 40-50 degrees for short periods with out damage to the foliage. It won't show up for a few days and then you have an unhappy customer and plants to replace. How long will a plant last until it needs to be replaced? (It is thin or leggy from to little light for example) Are you going to sell the plants and containers? Lease them? How are you going to set up your maintenance runs...once a week, every two weeks? What type of containers ... with sub-irrigation or without? Lots of potentials but who are your competitors in your area.

    Here is a website of the 800 pound gorilla in the tropical interior plant industry, Initial Plant Group, formerly Rentokil :
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    how do you price these services

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