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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by TruSomethingOrOther, Jun 12, 2013.

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    On my Ford, I can't have the interior trailer lights on without the truck running. It sucks. I reorganize and clean up things in the dark. I'm wanting to get a deep cycle battery and feed it into the switch so I can have lights regardless of trailer power. No clue how to do this. I have been told before to take the positive wire and splice it into the white trailer wiring, then the negative post just ground to the frame.

    Looking for it to automatically recharge (if possible) while the trailer is plugged into the truck. Anyone have any info / ideas?
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    I'm looking at doing something similar in my new 8x20. I believe I'm gonna go with a good used battery I have and buy a cheap solar panel to maintain the battery. That way if you don't have the truck hooked up to the trailer you will still have power. I also have a 40' umbilical cord that is ran through the trailer that way when I back in for the night I can drop the gate plug in and turn on my surround sound if I need to get away from the ole lady, I mean work on equipment. Haha
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    I would just find a fuse that's always hot and add a a duplex accessory fuse and run a wire back to your trailer. You could add a second trailer plug and cut off the wires you don't need. I borrowed my friends Ford and noticed the no power issues a few weeks ago. Dodges have a hot connection at all times.
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    I just completely rewired my enclosed trailer.
    Trailer wiring isn't always standard colors.
    I'm assuming your Ford truck has the 7 pole RV style receptacle and there should be a bat+ hot all the time, might only be with the key on, don't remember.
    White wire is ground on trailer
    Black wire is bat+ on trailer (lite or lite feed wire)

    Just connect the black trailer wire (bat+) to the trailer battery positive post.
    Connect the white trailer ground to the trailer battery negative post.
    Safest is to also use a 20 amp inline fuse.

    The trailer battery will charge when the plugged into the running truck.

    Here is an example of the color codes normally used with a pic of the RV style connectors

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