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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by dakota2000, Jul 19, 2007.

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    I'm just wondering what you guys are charging for interlock jobs these days. I have a customer who wants a 14x14 patio put in. It needs to be excavated first, gravel, stonedust, interlock etc. I was thinking about charging $15/sq ft but I will need to rent some equipment to get this job done. Skidsteer, packer cutter etc. Any ideas recommendations. I would really like to get this job.

    Thanks guys for the help once again!!
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    Haven't done what your talking about ...yet but I do plenty of patio work. I don't own any heavy equipment or a skid steer. I charge a flat rate for broomed, exposed and stamped per square foot. If I need a steer I add the rental rate. If I need a trailer pump for it, I add the cost in above my square foot price. So basically my square foot price covers my labor and material. In the past when I getting my feet wet with concrete work, I would include everything and hardly make money for myself.

    Now I have got great references and quality work to fall back on so it's paying off now. The guy with the equipment is going to charge just as much since he's got the payment to make.

    Bottom line, if you're confident in the task at hand, charge the customer for all the needed supplies. If you get the job it will be great for both you and the customer. If you don't charge the extras you'll be in such a hurry to get the damn thing done just to cover your butt you'll not get much satisfaction from it.
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    I try to stick to what I know and waht I'm set up to do.

    this seem to hender me to a select customer, but I can do my job wiht the equiptment I have and all goes well

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