intermitent voltage regulator


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2015 John deere 652r-mod with Kohler 25hp efi model ECV740-3019. Mower starts and runs normal at first but then the regulator turns off so battery eventually goes dead. However if I shut the mower off before the battery dies I can restart the engine and regulator works fine for the rest of the day. The next day it happens all over again. I can start the mower and watch my voltage meter until the regulator turns off, shut the mower off and restart it and then it runs fine. Any suggestion appreciated


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Yeah, well, check the charging voltage before the reg. dies. Then check it post mortem. Should be around 13.5-14.5v.dc. Check the regulator B+ wire/terminal connection.
Check yer fuses, especially the charging circuit fuse and holder.
Check grounds and all cable/ harness connections.
Check out the Kohler site and get ya a manual and wiring diagram.
Scroll down and pick yer motor.