intermittent ignition problem on '77 350

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by joe, Apr 8, 2000.

  1. yortengel

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    It really sounds like you have a bad coil. I have seen one vehicle do this. It was a bad coil. <br>When you changed the Distributor cap. How was the ground strap in the distributor?<br>all so, is your distributor loose? if not than your timing is probably ok. unless it has a problem with the timing chain.<br>You can take the truck in to a garage and just have the problem diagnosed. We would normaly charge one hour labor for this. $60.00 <br>PS. I check the coil that was causing the problem just like you have. It passed all the tests I ran on it with a DVOM. only an ignition scope would have shown the problem. low output voltage. Coils are cheap. and easy to install. maybe you should try one.
  2. joe

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    The distributor seems tight, the truck has been starting every time now - it usually only takes a few seconds, really fast! I think it wants out of the garage and knows it has to be good before I let it out &lt;G&gt;.<p>I plan on trying a new coil, but it may be another week before I can get to doing that.<br>If it happens again, I will definitely send it to the repair shop and let them go over it.<p>thanks again<p><br>joe

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