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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by JML, May 12, 2003.

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    Dont know what to get. I am really not worried about the cdl aspect of it. Does anyone have a 4700 and loaded with stone/stone dust? How does it brake and accelerate.. I found a great deal on a 4700 with the dt466 but i am leaning toward a 4900 with air brakes? what would you guys recommend or experiences you have? thanks
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    For a single axle dump your better off going for the heaviest one you can get ie 35,000lb gvw then atleast you can pack a good load. Here in B.C. Canada we don't need CDLs for any 2 axle truck with any gvw once you get a tandem you need a CDL I have had a CDL for 5 years.

    Anyhow to answer your question go with a 4900 with 466 power 8spd Road Ranger I would stay away from the 5+2 gearing and the 6spds. As for braking air brakes should be standard equipment you have alot more stopping power you will have to get a air brake endorsement

    Are you going tobe the only driver of this truck or have employees driving it also if so they will have tobe CDL equiped.

    If I was going to get a single axle dump I would spec it this way

    4900 International 466E high torque Exhaust brake, 8-10 or 13spd Road ranger,Double frame,12 front 23 rear, 12' steel box.

    You said you are planning on hauling crusher dust etc which is fairly heavy so a 6 yard load is going to weigh 14,000lbs you will want a truck thats gonna carry 6 yards.
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    I would mostly agree. Rather than a DT466 I would opt for an M-11 and would spec. a 16' contractors body with fold down sides. With a 300 horse power plant you could get by with a 9 or 10 speed. If you ended up with a lower powered 466 then you would want a 13 speed so you can split the lower gears. Good luck finding such an animal used though. I am selling my single axle IH truck it is a 1985, 2300 with an L10 set at 280 horse power, nine speed tranny, 33,000 GVW. It has a 16' contractors body with fold down sides, cab protector and a double acting tailgate. Great truck, it has been very reliable. It has synthetic oil through out (except PTO). Has pintle hitch/2-5/16 ball combination and wired for trailer (electric brakes). I want 15K out of it.

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