International Cub Tractor won't run

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by sefh, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. sefh

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    I'm looking to purchase this tractor. It is roughly 1950-1955. The story was told to me that the battery was bad. When I went to look at it I noticed that it was a 6v system positive ground. They had the battery hooked up a 6v negative ground. The starter would not engage. He told me that it ran 2-3 yrs ago but only ran for 10 minutes. If I purchased this I would like to convert it to 12v negative ground. How hard would this be and what would have to be changed over. Thank you :usflag:
  2. Restrorob

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    Hmmm, That one is before my time. ALL tractor AND engine numbers would most likely be needed to see about looking this one up.
  3. DiyDave

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    Go to or do a google search for the unofficial allis chalmers web page, go to the discussion page, ask it there. I'm not really up on International, but I do know that the cub farm tractors and lowboys had a 4 cyl motor that puts out about 9 horsepower when new, and are slower than a snail moving uphill when mowing. I wouldn't waste the effort it will take to get this one going, as it would be a money loser of a business decision.:walking: :walking:
  4. khouse

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    I worked on a lot of tractors years ago (22 years ago) converting them to 12 volts. I think yours is a 6 volt negative ground tractor. 6 volt wiring is twice the size of 12 volts per the rule that the lower the voltage the higher the amperage. So the wiring will be fine. I would simply remove the old generator and make up brackets to mount a Delco Remy 12 volt alternator I believe the model is #10-SI. Go to an alternator shop and tell them you want a self exciting alternator. It will have only one connection on it. You can run it strait to the positive post of the battery. Or through a shunt amp guage. You do not have to change the starter out. Just use it if it's good. It will spin twice as fast so that's OK. Change out any light bulbs to 12 volts and that's about it. If your tractor is indeed a positive ground unit you will need a starter shop to change the field windings. Take down the starter number and go to a old starter repair shop to see if you can make the transition. There may not be any parts for it? There was great advice above about the tractor sites. I know there are Cub Cadet forums out there. I found a lot of parts at Yesterday's Tractor company. Google it!
  5. fixer67

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    You can hook that alternator up to just about any thing. I have converted farm tractors to use them a dozen or so times. Just remember to change every thing to 12 volts and if you need to keep any of the old 6 volt stuff they will need to be ran though a 6 volt regulator.
  6. khouse

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    The 6 volt starters have heavy windings and can take 12 volts. But you do not want to crank a long time as it will heat up. But it will spin twice as fast so your engine will really start fast.
  7. rockytopp

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    I am not sure but as I recall that unit could have the startergenerator type system. if so then there is a lot to consider when switching. Course I am just guessing as to this but most uinits or I should say a large percent had that starter system. Just food for thought. thanks. Paul.
  8. khouse

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    You are correct for the early Cub Cadet models. But the Cub (mini tractor) had a seperate generator and starter.
  9. sefh

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    I figured that I would have to change over the alternator and starter but I think that is has a magneto on it for spark. It does have a 5ft belly pan on it but I would not use it for mowing but to put a loader on the front and assist when splitting wood.
  10. khouse

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    There is nothing wrong with a magneto system. Most have a very hot spark. There are companies that rebuild magneto's.

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