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Internet Marketing!

Mow Money Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
St.Louis, MO
I've had a website for the past several years. I notice that a few keywords pull my site up on the first page, but not many. Do you guys use any search visibility, adwords, or pay for any other service to boost your website visibility? Do they focus on just local, or anytime someone types lawn maintenance it pops up, even if they are in New York and I am in Missouri? Any info on this will be helpful.

Mow Money Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
St.Louis, MO
Thanks a lot Chris, that was very informative. I am going to set up a links page on my website, and have other companies place my link on their site. I also set up a profile on merchants circle not sure if it is nationwide, but it is for local businesses to promote their business on the web. I might try the adwords, but I will make sure I research as much as I can about it.

thanks again Chris



LawnSite Member
hey guys sorry i am late.

Just became a sponsor today so let's jump right in.
First off yes you can target locally on Google Adwords. Always title your adwords like this Service City or Miami Lawn Care or Miami tree Timming
then follow up the description with more of the same.

Description : Get Free Miami Lawn Care Quotes or Miami Lawn Service Start Today

Never buy the Content Network if you know what that is. These leads are not as targeted so you will pay out the butt for clicks that are more or less a waste of your money.

Want some free advice. Make a video and title it and tag it and then in the description put your URL in there first with the whole http://www.yourdomain.com then go on to tell what the video is about.