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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DLCS, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. DLCS

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    Weird, I just got this call from a sales person. She was calling to confirm my yellow page ad. She goes through here spiel about the date I started my yellow page ad and read off the correct info for my ad. She says should we go ahead and renew it. I then said who are you with exactly, she internet yellow pages. I said we have never paid for a internet yellow page listing. I then hear click, she hung up. WTF I don't know about you guys but ever since I started a yellow page listing 3 years ago, I keep getting companies trying to trick me into running a ad in different phone books. They pretend to be the company I'm actually listed with and then trying to sneak in "renewel" to their company. I'm getting tired of this crap. Do any of you have the same problem.
  2. JimLewis

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    Haha! You're just now starting to get "the calls".

    Let me tell you, as your business grows, "the calls" will increase. I get them several times, every day, nowadays.

    It's just a scam sales call, is all it is. And they are VERY clever about it often times. They don't make it sound like a sales call. They'll often say something like, "Hi, we're just confirming some information on your company before we set up your listing...." That wording is designed to take you off your guard and let them talk to you. The whole conversation is set up to make you confused so that you're not even sure if you're buying something or maybe just "getting" something. It's very deceptive. And they are relentless. As I said, I get these calls every day, people trying to sell me something that always turns out to be a scam.

    You just need to get used to these calls and be able to recognize them when they do call. I can tell within 5 seconds who these fools are nowadays so they don't last on the phone very long with me. But I've heard hundreds of these "schpeils" over the years so I've gotten good at spotting them.

    In the future, just ask them this question, "Ma'am. Sorry to interrupt. What company are you calling from? Did I ask you guys to do this for me?" And their answer is going to be something like, "Oh, this is United General Internet advertising. No, you didn't contact us but we're just calling to confirm your internet yellow pages adve......" Then you say, "That's what I thought. I am not at all interested. Thanks. Have a nice day." CLICK!
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    I luv those calls .... if it comes on the caller id as "caller blocked" or some funky number .....

    I'll answer and the first thing I say is "please but me on your do not call list"
  4. JimLewis

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    Please Butt me??? Huh? ;) ;) ;)
  5. Tonyr

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    over here the yellow page's company does offer an internet advertising service, this company owns the phone lines in this country, plus is an ISP etc, etc, etc, costs a lot for a propper listing, but they work, especially as many of my clients are from out of town and use the internet to find me.

    there are other services like the one mentioned trying to con you into thinking it is your phone book company, the actual internet yellow pages is B.S. but your phone book's internet listings are worth it if they offer it.
  6. JimLewis

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    Tony's right. And I want to add a few things.

    Internet Yellow Pages aren't all bad. There are some that actually produce good results for the money. The ONLINE yellow pages that are run by the large phone companies like Qwest, Verizon, etc. actually do have a lot of people who use them and we get good response in those directories.

    But the ones who call you on the phone trying to pretend they are the same thing are the ones that are the scam.

    I just wanted to make that distinction.
  7. DLCS

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    Have you got the calls that come up as all 0's yet? I want to know how those sales people do that, i know how to make your call come up as "private" but the all 0's is new to me.
  8. Jason Rose

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    I was actually just discussing some sort of internet listing for myself yesterday with my yellowpages ad salesperson. Come to find out, I'm already listed online just by having the print ad in the book. It's Here the "yellowbook" is still branded as the Fiest book. Ours does get distributed very well... I know that's off topic.. lol

    Yes I have received numerous calls from advertisers like that... heck, even yellowbook sends me a "statement" every month or so in the mail that looks like something I should be paying. Its not till I read the fine print that I see that it's not really a bill at all but just a scammy way to fool people into paying for an ad they didn't even know they wanted...
  9. FCS Services

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    just got a call this morning - no thank you...........

    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    It's called getting "slammed". I had the same thing back in the day when I had a ad. They still do it now and I only have a basic listing, name and # listed under lawn maintenance. I hate telemarketers.

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