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    1) dress for the industry your in, but neat and clean
    2) bring 5 copies of your information (such as mentioned earlier)
    one for each member, neat and concise
    3) try to relax the atmosphere as quickly as possible

    Down here, I spoke with individuals from the Transit Authority for Atlanta (MARTA) and have placed bids. They also set up interviews, but at your home or office. They want to understand you are set up for business, see a desk and some organization and a business licence. They want to see your equipment.

    MARTA is subsidized by the Fed Gov and thereby have procedures to follow, before reaching in the cookie jar to pay you. (A side note: they have given contracts to guys with raggedy ol pickup and a trailer most would be embarrassed to use, but had a new eXmark. Couple years later these same guys would drive in with 2 or 3 white f250's. They were consistent and had obviously sold themselves).

    Not sure if this Housing Authority is the type subsidized by the Gov, but may follow a similiar outline.

    They are trying to determine if you are qualified.
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    Ok TotalCareSolutions, I apologize. :)
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    Your post included the words "Asked Back", seeing that I am making an assumption that you have already submitted a bid on this property, If so you are probably a low bidder and the interview is an attempt by the group to verify that you can provide the service... If you really want this contract follow all of the above advice...

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