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Hello everyone, long story short this weekend I have three people coming in for a interview for mowing Monday-Friday and optional weekend work (since I have set weekend guys)

it’s been about two years since I’ve heard to hire again and I’m looking to ask questions and learn about the guys in interviewing. Besides the basic questions like what they can and cannot do. More along the lines of ‘where do you see yourself in five years’, ‘why did you leave your previous company’

if anyone has had any luck with really diving deep into interviews please post below what has worked for you, questions, concerns. Thanks everyone.

Tn Turf

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At this point, in full seriousness, if they can fog a mirror, legal to work, and have dependable transportation they are hired.

Sad, isn't it.

It's not just lawncare, it's every industry. Wtf is happening in the world? I remember having to hustle to find a job and had to get in line to fill out job applications for $4.25/hr pay. Now restaurants among others are offering $1,200 sign-on bonuses if you stay there for 90 days.

Weird times we're in.

EDIT: sign on bonuses are a slippery slope. It promotes job hopping. Folks are going to be chasing sign on bonuses.

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