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Intro and sod bid question


LawnSite Member
Orlando, Fl
Hey guys,

New member with a fresh landscape maintenance bus. here! I've actually worked the last 5 yrs for a neighbor who had a small company. He also worked for Disney doing their golf course maintenance so I feel that I have learned from someone who knew what they were doing. I'm no expert though.

Sadly he passed away last year (God bless his soul) and I bought his machine (lesco 36 in. hydro wb) and some of his local accounts in addition to a few I have picked up in the neighborhood. I now have 12 residential accounts. I also have all the necessary hand tools and a truck and trailer so im ready to rock n roll. But geez is there alot of competition in CFL! I have no worries though because there's plenty of business too. So I've been really grinding lately using all my free time going door to door and have actually had some luck :) I hope to really grow and build a great business this year but it'll be tough. I also go to school full time.

Now that I have introduced myself, I have a question about bidding on a sod job. I am bidding on a removal and install for about 6000 sq ft. and as of now I am planning on quoting him $ 0.50/sq. ft.. Other companies are charging $0.60 and I have low over head right now and I really need the work but I'm wondering if that is considered low balling? I dont want to low ball, I need this industry to thrive. Oh, and I've layed plenty of sod, I was just always the laborer so I need a little help.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.