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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AB Lawn Care, Feb 20, 2000.

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    When spring nears I am thinking of sending letters out to some houses(high-end residential).I want the letter that I will be sending to sound very professonal and impress the people that I send it to.If any of you guys send out letters like these I would be very interested in hearing how you word it.If anyone has any letters like this or even has some ideas as to what you would write please show me what you would write in the letter.<p>from:Adam <br>AB Lawn Care
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    Adam, several things that you may want to consider when composing your letter. Try to come up with a Unique Selling Proposition, USP. What you want to show your new customer is Why should they do business with you, above any and all other Lawn Care operators. You need to have a statement that will set you apart from all others.<br>I noticed that in February 2000 issue of Grounds Maintance mag. that they listed 12 things that consumers look for when choosing a landscape/lawn care professional. They ranged from: Good references and reputation.<br>Satisfaction Guaranteed. Free estimates. Locally owned and operated. Insured and bonded. Be sure to point out these items, if they apply to you.<br>Suggest that your letters be typed or use a typewriter font on your computer. Hand address and hand stamp all envelopes. You don't want them to look like junk mail. I've even gone as far as to include a $1.00 bill in each letter, just to be sure that they take the time to read my letter. There are many things to consider with direct mail, but don't forget the USP. <br>Hope that this may have been of some help.<br>Neil
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    Adam,<p> Go to,, and buy the book &quot; Words that Sell&quot;. It is a great resource for writing copy to customers. They even have a section on words to attract richer clients. Best $11.95 you will ever spend!!!<p>Mike<br>

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