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Introducing 3 New 21cc Tanaka Trimmers


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Montague, CA
Decided to go with the TBC-225CS with S-start as the closest dealer had it in stock and the reviews on it were very positive. As we understand it, it was made in Japan but since Tanaka has recently been sold to Hitachi, future parts will be manufactured in Japan but assembled in China. Since I am not tall, this lightweight unit with the curved shaft works well for me. Have run about ten tanks of gas through it and am quite surprised at how easy it is to use and how well balanced. I'm happy to report I do not fatigue using it like I have with other weed eaters we have owned and the vibration is minimal. That said, it is LOUD (95 dB) and so good ear protection is necessary. Fortunately, we have that. Being 60 and female, think I offer a fairly good endorsement of the ease of use of this equipment. :)


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It looks like 2 of the 3 are on Amazon under the Hitachi brand and colors. Are these basically the same quality? Any word on when the split boom will be available?