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    Magna-Matic Corporation is originator of the MAG-1000 blade balancer; which during its over 40 year existence continues to be the only true method to balance rotary mower blades. With the MAG-1000 lawn care professionals are able to balance and check if blades are bent, which will greatly reduce vibration and increase cutting performance. Commercial mowers are expensive investments, it is of extreme importance to properly care for that

    In 1987 Magna-Matic recognized a need for an extreme reduction in the labor time it took to sharpen a lawn mower blade. The reduction in time was achieved with the introduction of the MAG-9000, now lawn care professionals would be able to sharpen a lawn mower blade in under 60 seconds.

    Later with the invention of curved edge mulching blades and some customers wanting more power and a larger grinder, the MAG-8000 was invented. With a patented work table design it is able to sharpen almost any mulching blade in existence. The MAG-8000 is the fastest lawn mower blade sharpener ever, @ 4200 RPM and 7696 surface feet per minute at the grinding wheel it is the ultimate sharpener. The MAG-8000 is favored by servicing dealers, large landscapers, and municipalities.

    At Magna-Matic Corporation we truly care about the success of OPE professionals, and would like to see everyone properly service their blades. Please visit our website, under our customer support section we offer technical documents on blade service, and we invite you to email us with your questions about blade service.

    Thank you for your time.

    Gerd Ferdinand Bauer II
    Magna-Matic Corporation
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    Looks like something I need.
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    Its something everyone needs. :blob3:
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    You forgot to mention it can be purchased in the Lawnsite store!
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    Yea, that reminds me.. I need to add more magna-matic products to my store.

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