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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Feb 9, 2008.

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    I want to introduce you all to a completely new, remarkable and revolutionary new Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Power Management System.

    This series of complimentary components is called Qscape and has been designed, engineered, and built from the ground up by John Tremaine and his team at Qtran.

    Every single component of the system has been thought through and refined, working with one of the world's leading outdoor lighting designers, over the past 4 years, cumulating in this completely new and remarkable system. CATALOG.pdf

    Everything is new. Every component has been re-engineered to work seemlessly together, from the transformers (Qset & Qhex), to the enclosures both wall mount and direct buial vaults (Qwall & Qvault), to the hub and stake assemblies (Qtrix). Even the cable and waterproof connectors have been re-designed in a most remarkable fashion. (Qclik & Qwire) Quality components and materials are everywhere. Every surface and feature has been thought through and engineered to perform.

    Please take a long look at the attached catalog. It is a pretty complex system that takes a bit of time to fully understand. I will be posting more on this in the near future, perhaps a separate thread to discuss each component.

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    If I were to configure my own system, I would use products made currently by manu's, configured or modified for my needs, and using as many standard materials as possible. As technology changes, I could change along with it.

    This reminds me of a submarine I toured in NYC. The Navy built a new, high-tech deisel sub, but by the time it launched, it was outdated by nuclear, and production was scrapped. A deisel-powered sub has to make frequent surface contacts to run the generators (requiring air). The nuclear subs can stay on the bottom and change the batteries with nuclear reactors. Why am I talking about subs? I have no idea but I'm hungry now for a Jersey Mike's sub. Anyway, like Greg says, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Or boat.

    I am configuing, in my garage of all places, a very smart system that anyone can use with most of their current solid state materials, with some modifcations, and that can keep up with new technology as needed.

    My emphasis is in re-configuration. Not in system of costly propriety parts that are not compatible or friendly across multiple manu's. Think of open-source codes in computer programming, and the venders that help out with products. Not try to dominate it. Kichler came out with plug-in hubs, and only provides long leads if you want them with the plugs. Falure.

    I could ramble but nobody is listening anyways. Probably a good thing.
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    I dont get why propriety connectors and such are better ? reinventing the wheel ? sure the vaults would be ultra clean on an installation and its great if you plan to use only Qtran parts but WHY james is it a better source of power besides being a direct burial option and a modular unit?

    I heard from a cost standpoint its 2 to 3 times the cost of a convential system too.
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    That company is not far from me. I think they are way over engineered for anyone doing low voltage lighting. Seems more of a Monopoly!

    Also... this Q connector thinggy:
    The QMOD
    splits a 25AMP feed into TWO 12.5AMP outputs.
    This will allow the use of 14AWG thin wire to run
    up a tree.
    The genesis for this product came from a leading
    designer who wanted to run # 8 AWG feeds from
    a Q-SET to a tree but did not want such a large
    noticeable wire in view. Q-MOD allows the 300W
    - 25A feed to be split into two 150W - 12.5A
    outputs so that # 14 AWG wire could run up the
    tree. A unique solution to a common problem.

    IS NOTHING MORE than the Double sided Power Tap Connector that we use!!!! Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I been saying that all along.

    Also, those funky cord grips are available by Heyco! We have the 3/8x 18/2 wire ones here.

    Since this whole system is a re-designed conventional 1838 type, they should start a new standard for LED's. That would justify all that Man-On-The-Moon technology thats overkill.

  5. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    The new Qclik connectors have been designed to be completely water proof when using the new and remarkable Qwire. In fact they are IP68 rated... that means certified waterproof while submersed to 16 meters! You will not find another system of cable and box connectors in the LV outdoor lighting market that provides this type of water ingress protection.

    As for the Qtrix enclosures, they are made from Lexan not PVC and have a unique gasket material and design that makes them waterproof too.

    Does this system cost more then others on the market? Undoubtedly. It is certainly not for those who are consistantly 'racing for the bottom' of the market in terms of component costs and quality. This is a unique, well engineered, primiere power management system that will satisfy the requirements of high end lighting designers, their clients and the properties that we work on.
  6. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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  7. pete scalia

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    This manufacturer's products will appeal to a very small segment of the lighting market.
  8. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    (I edited the 'very' part)

    Yes Sir, I think you are right.

    I like being aligned with and providing the service to that particular segment. The jobs are creative, challenging and always unique. The clients in this segment are generally some of the best you could possibly have.
  9. pete scalia

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    Maybe 2% of the market at best
  10. ChampionLS

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    WHY re-invent the wheel??... Why? If you want waterproof cable, buy outdoor rated SJT cord! It's round, and will work with industry standard Heyco or similar connectors. WHY take a flat parallel cable (Originally designed for Pierce Point Connectors!) and try to waterproof it??? Flat cable is not suited for a cable grip/grommet. The solution to that is a small dab of silicone at your entry point, or simply buy a connector with a oval hole. Duhh.

    Do you really think all the wire manufacturers are going to tool up to produce a oval landscape lighting cable to suit the needs of one manufacturers style of lighting?? It DOES NOT need to be that waterproof. You do not need cord grips at each junction box, at each light fixture. It's more work, and that means more cost to somebody- Obviously the end user. Sure.. IP68 is great. It's not underwater lighting. (or is it??) IP67 works just fine

    I personally have a better idea.

    A lot of the LED manufacturers, pool, spa and fountain products use a IP68 polarized plug on their wire. It's a male/female receptacle. All anyone would need is a simple crimp tool or a better version would be a plug in heated model that will mold a plug onto your cut wire. Then you could make a custom system right on site. If any component failed, you just chop off and replace the connector. Similar to Cable TV coax.

    Heres a picture to ponder on. :cool2:

    IP 68 low voltage cable connector.jpg

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