Introducing the new "Aim N Shoot"

The Force™, the world’s most powerful wheeled blower, just got better! Introducing the patented Aim N Shoot™ blower control system. This feature allows you to “lift and blow” dirt and debris for greater performance without having to manually adjust your discharge. Tired of having to stop working to reposition your discharge? Tipping your blower to reach that tight spot isn’t efficient and how often have you blown debris where you didn't want it because you couldn't control your discharge efficiently. That’s where the Aim N Shoot comes in handy. Simply redirect the airstream while maneuvering the unit and you’ve never stopped working!

The Aim N Shoot is exclusive only through Billy Goat’s 2007 Aim N Shoot™ promotion. With the purchase of a Force blower, receive a FREE Aim N Shoot kit until May 31. We know, seeing is believing! Check it out


Mr. Force
Drew Coates

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