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    Tank you. Tank You Very Much.
    Introducing the NEW BOB-CAT Predator-Pro LP-61, Propane-Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mower.

    Leave it up to Schiller Grounds Care to find a way so that commercial cutters don’t have to sacrifice performance when using an alternative fueled mower. The new BOB-CAT Predator-Pro LP-61 has all of the power and performance features that are the signature of the commercial Predator-Pro line. The only difference...These new units are powered by a formidable 30-hp Generac 990 engine that affords the new units all of the power associated with a Predator-Pro commercial mower with the added ability to cut Ozone forming emissions by greater than 50% over gasoline burning engines, insuring cutting that is green and clean.

    The Predator-Pro LP-61 is a no-hassle propane-powered commercial zero-turn rider that utilizes liquid withdrawal – no conversion system needed and no costly, specialty tanks required. The Generac 990 engine is fueled by the same common liquid withdrawal propane tanks and technology that forklift trucks utilize - giving users easy access to a readily available fuel source and replenishment system.

    Benefits of the NEW Predator-Pro LP-61:

    • Dependable, hardworking Generac® 30-hp Engine - designed specifically to use liquid propane (LP) fuel while reducing ozone forming emissions by over 50% versus air cooled gasoline engines*.
    • An ideal mower choice for government contract jobs and municipalities.
    • Cleaner burning propane fuel reduces engine deposits and extends engine life.
    • No–Hassle Fuel Replenishment System - uses two (2) – 33.5 lb. standard liquid withdrawal propane tanks – no specialty tanks or conversion kit needed.
    • Your choice of 61" side discharge DuraDeck™ or a new 61" rear discharge deck that allows trimming on both sides of the mower.
    • Dual Choice 2-year/2000-hour or 5-year/500-hour warranty with a lifetime warranty on deck, deck cradle and engine deck

    The new BOB-CAT Predator-Pro LP-61 is available in dealerships now.

    Engine - Generac®, 30-hp Liquid Propane
    Ignition - Electronic, Electric Start

    Length - 80” (2.03 m)
    Width - 72" (1.83 m) Side-Discharge; 73" (1.9 m) with Chute Down; 62" (1.6 m) with Chute Up
    Overall Height - 46.5" (1.2 m)

    Fuel Capacity - Two 33.5 lb. Propane Tanks
    Transmission - Hydrostatic Drive with Dual Variable Displacement Pumps; Wheel Motors
    Drive - Belt from Engine to Hydrostat Input Shafts; Hydrostatic Drive to Wheels
    Brakes - Hydrostat Provides Dynamic Braking; Disc-Type Parking Brake
    Steering - Lever-Type Steering Controls Independent Power to each Wheel for Moving, Stopping & Turning
    Seat - High-Back, Full Suspension Seat with Adjustable Armrests

    Cutting Width and Type - 61" (1.55-m) Side or Rear-Discharge
    Deck Construction - Formed and Welded 10-Gauge Steel with 7-Gauge Reinforcements and Side Skirts, with Reinforced Leading Edge
    Spindles - Large Top-Mounted, 1 inch (25-mm) dia. Shaft on Maintenance-Free Ball Bearings

    SPEED - 16 cc Pumps 0 – 13.5 mph (21.1 km/h) Forward; 0 – 4 mph (6.4 km/h) Reverse
    Turning Radius - True Zero-Turning Radius
    Frame - 7-Gauge Formed and Welded Steel
    Drive - Belt from Engine to Center Spindle; Split Steel Pulleys from Center Spindle to Outboard Spindles; 5.5 (140-mm) Idler

    61" Deck - Up to 35.52 Acres (14.37 ha) at 9 mph (14.48 km/h)
    Height of Cut - 1.5" to 4.5" (38 mm to 114 mm) in 0.25" (6.4 mm) Increments
    Blades (3) - 21" (53 cm); .25" (6.4 mm) Thick

    TIRES (2) 24 x 12-12 4-Ply Turf Tread Drive Wheels

    ANTI-SCALP ROLLERS (7) 5 (127 mm): (2) Front Center, Left and Right Front, Left and Right Rear, Center Rear

    Fold Down ROPS, 2-post with seat belt, Knobby ATV Tire 23 x 10.50-12 (2 required, fits all standard rims) 61" Deck Striping Kit (side discharge only), 61" Mulch Baffle Kit (side discharge only), 61" Widetrack Kit (widens wheel width on 61" units), ECO Plate 61" (side discharge only), 61" Boss-Vac™ Pro Collection System (side discharge deck only), Magnetic Light Kit.

    About BOB-CAT
    Since the 1970’s, professional landscapers have relied upon the quality cut produced by BOB-CAT brand mowers to maintain golf courses, schools, parks and recreation areas, cemeteries, and landscapes big and small. BOB-CAT offers a full line of commercial walk-behind and zero-turn radius ride-on mowers for commercial and residential use. BOB-CAT mowers are available through power equipment dealers nationwide. To learn more about BOB-CAT products and locate a BOB-CAT dealer in your area, visit the BOB-CAT website at

    BOB-CAT is a registered trademark of Schiller Grounds Care, Inc. Use of the name BOB-CAT in print must be all capital letters with a hyphen between the words “BOB” and “CAT” as used within this media release.

    About Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.
    Schiller Grounds Care, Inc. is a U.S. based outdoor power equipment manufacturer with three manufacturing facilities located in Southampton, Pennsylvania, Norfolk, Nebraska and Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. Schiller Grounds Care creates and brings to market a broad variety of landscaping, gardening and turf care equipment for residential and commercial use under the brand names of BOB-CAT, Bunton, Classen, Little Wonder, Mantis, Ryan and Steiner. To learn more about Schiller Grounds Care and its various brands of power equipment, visit

    Photo Caption: New Predator-Pro LP (above) shown with side discharge deck and optional ROPS.

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    does anyone actually use a propane mower on this site??? that thing looks pretty bad, but im still not too down with the propane
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    Looks like a pair of jet engines strapped on it...

    So how does cost to operate work out between the LP version and a simular gasoline version?
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    How much does it weigh ?
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    Propane or LP is starting to pickup some momentum. More Municipalities and Government contracts are demanding cleaner burning alternative fuel solutions that are less polluting. Burning LP cuts Ozone Forming Emissions by over 50% when compared to a gasoline powered engine. This is extremely important in bigger cities that issue Ozone Action Days. The cost of LP currently equals the cost of gasoline but if gasoline goes back to $4 gallon it has a price advantage. This mower is designed with a liquid withdrawal system so you don't have to buy special tanks. You use the same liquid withdrawal tanks that propane powered fork lifts use. You can get set up on a replenishment system where they keep you stocked with full fuel tanks so you don't have to worry about refilling tanks. Most other mowers on the market that burn propane use conversion gasoline engines which can cause some problems including horsepower loss and inefficiencies. This engine is designed to run on propane and doesn't have those issues. Horsepower has not been an issue and we have seen very good fuel economy under normal loading with up 10 hours of run time on two 35 lbs. tanks. The machine weighs about the same as a gasoline version. A 61" 33 HP Predator Pro weighs 1112 lbs and the LP version weighs about 1130.

    The good thing with propane is that is considered an alternative fuel which means that in many states you can get state and federal government assistance in rebates and tax credits towards the purchase. In Texas you can get a $1500 Rebate on the purchase. You have to check with your State to see if they are offering any assistance or credits.

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