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    Enercloud LLC, a cloud-based software provider focused on the service industry, has launched the most comprehensive software solution on the market today for the landscaping industry - easy to use and 100% free of charge.

    Yardbook was built by a team of experienced developers who have spent over a decade building similar niche-specific business applications for some of the world's largest software vendors. Understanding the toughest issues landscape owners face, the team sought to “create a secure, reliable, easy-to-use product that would provide a real time-saving solution to the most common pain points that landscaping company owners encounter.”

    Landscaping business owners want to be serving their customers. In reality, they are spending all of their time behind a mountain of paperwork and old spreadsheets. Even those that had updated their systems were either paying too much or found that the system took too much time to learn and utilize. Unlike many platforms, that improve organization, but suck up more time, Yardbook has been designed to save time and enhance organization --- “all in a user-friendly interface that we're constantly improving thanks to user feedback.” The Yardbook team has built a system that saves time and keeps your business running smoothly. Security, performance, and reliability are well architected in this robust system.

    Yardbook is a cloud-based software interface, which means there's no installation required. Users can access their Yardbook account from any location on the globe. Simply log on from any device with internet access. And the best part? It's completely free! The software package is based on the industry’s latest sponsorship business model. Instead of collecting a monthly fee from the users, Yardbook will generate revenues based on sponsorships. The company firmly believes that their product grows concurrently with the expansion of users, new features and advertisers.

    About Enercloud LLC
    Enercloud LLC was founded by a team of experienced application developers who have spent their careers building both horizontal and vertical business applications for some of the world’s largest software vendors. Enercloud is based in the Silicon Valley.

    Please direct media inquiries to:
    Michelle Leaman
  2. skorum03

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    i just Signed up
  3. jsslawncare

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    I'll check it out too.
  4. wildstarblazer

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    Can you add paypal links to the invoices?
  5. Yardbook

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    This is Mark from Enercloud LLC, the creator of We are happy to see that there are lawnsite users who are trying out our product. We are a startup company and just launched Yardbook a couple of months ago. It is a cloud-based application focused solely on the landscaping industry.

    Yardbook is still in early stages but adding features based on the feedback of our growing customer base. Since our launch, we have already added a number of features based on user feedback. For example: expense management, chemical tracking, profit analysis based on costs, monthly auto-invoices, etc... We believe in working together with our users to build the best product for you.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We’d love to hear your feedback.
  6. Yardbook

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    We currently do not integrate with any payment portals. Users can email invoices directly to their customers, or print them and deliver offline. We do think our users would benefit from automatic payment and it’s one of the items on our product roadmap. We are currently thinking through which payment vendor(s) to integrate with, some of the options we are looking at are paypal, braintree, and stripe.
  7. Holleywood

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    How can you offer this for free and if I make the transition do you guys plan on Switching it to a monthly charge or a one time charge to continue to use this software
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  8. 360lawncare

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    Don't work for them but I use this program allot it is free because of sponsor ads. They have them on the right out of the way allot better then allot of free apps have that pop up right in your face and make you close them to move on!
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  9. Yardbook

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    Thanks for your interest in our software.

    This a great question, and one that we get quite frequently. Yardbook is a cloud-based software which helps to manage landscaping businesses. Our business model is simple: sponsorship. We firmly believe that our business grows concurrently with the expansion of users, new features and sponsors. A good example of the sponsorship model is the very website on which we are posting, (Other good ones are google, yahoo, zillow, yelp, etc…). Based on this model, we don’t charge a subscription fee, and don’t have any plans to start charging in the future. We know this might be a big concern for you and many others; however, we will guarantee a free lifetime plan for those who signed up for a free plan. We hope this addresses your concerns and that you sign up soon to start growing your business with us.
  10. Ditta&Sons

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    I just signed up but I'm from Canada and it doesn't list any provinces, only states. I have changed the country setting but it still says states.

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