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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JoshuaCalvin, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. JoshuaCalvin

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    Hi everybody just wanted to introduce myself and ask some rookie questions... My name is Josh and I live in Alabama and will be starting a Lawn Care Business this season with my Friend since grade school.

    We have $6000 to start with that my wife has so kindly let us borrow:) and I want to ask all you pros on here what would be the best way to use the money.

    Like what equipment you would buy , way of advertising, etc.

    To start we have nonthing but desire and a will to work hard.

    Oh we don't even have a truck or van either and have been looking at cargo and cube vans on Craigslist.

    Any help would be greatly appreciatied.


  2. lawnpro724

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    I don't know if $6,000 is going to be enough if you don't even have a truck. It would be plenty to get started if you did. What are you going to be pulling a trailer with if you don't have a truck?
  3. All_Toro_4ME

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    You can start here by reading this thread

    Then, if you still have the desire think twice about going in this business with your friend. Dont want to overwhelm you at this point, but things like equipment repairs, advertising, equipment purchases, leading the business down the right path will have to be decided at some point. Who is going to make these decisions? You or him and to what percentage will they have their say so? If he is your friend, he likely wont be for long if you involve business and money. Start with local landscaping co., learn the ropes, then when are familiar with what custs want, go solo and grow from there if you want. If you want him to work with you, hire him as an employee, not a partner in the business. And make all the initial equipment purchases yourself relieving him of such responsibility.
  4. freshprince94

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    before u get equipment you need a sufficient vehicle for sure. i would suggest the cheapest pickup u can find in working condition. u dont need a trailer to start out right away, u can fit a 21 and handhelds in ur pickup.

    get a good, new commercial 21 and get the echo stuff at home depot, its commercial grade.

    as far as advertising, put an ad on craigs list. pass out flyers in the neighborhood u plan on servicing. but dont expect mega results.

    echo pe-200 edger-$200
    echo srm-210 trimmer-$200
    echo pb-413 blower-$300
  5. kpetzold

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    here read this, sounds good for equip, and like everyone else is going to say, NO to partners ,

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    for all you new guys with equipment ???s


    in another thread i got off on a rant about how a lot of guys who are just starting off tend to overspend /overreach at the start

    I post this only as an option... if you want to spend twice as much 5x the amount thats your biz

    but as opposed to thinking a 6000 dollar mower will make or break you...take a little look at what i came up with quickly to get you enough equitpment to get you started for 6000$

    if you fail you can probably recoup at least 75% of your inital investment
    this was quick and i'm sure someone who was trying harder could come in even lower

    just for hahahas i figured i would try to back up my claim for a 6000 dollar complete newcomer setup...just so noone thought i was crazy and just spouting random numbers

    i used E-Bay
    and the home depot

    600$ 36 inch scag.... i looked at this one last season

    900 14 foot trailer really looks ok

    2000 1990? f250 v8 4x4 with plow

    235 redmax eb7000 backpack blower

    77.95 shipping included 2 string trimmer holder for trailer

    199. brand new echo 210

    199. brand new echo pe200 edger

    299. Toro Walk Power Mower with 22 In. deck, 6.5 TP and Variable Speed Front Wheel Drive, CARB Compliant Model 20086

    Total cost

    plus 315.63 tax

    4825.58 leaves 1174.42

    1174.42 for gas cans, shovels, rakes, extra blades,tarp, grease gun, ect

    if you were handy there was a 48" bobcat that needed cleaning up for 300.

    So i may have missed some essentials like a toolbox and tools, and gloves and a lot of small stuff that can add up... i honestly think you can jump into this biz for less then 6000 as a complete noob with nothing. get your feet wet... sink or swim and get most of your money back if it dosn't work. all this stuff was found less then 100 miles away without really looking more then a day or two into the past postings. if you allready had a truck -2000 i even got a plow for winter work

    hope you all enjoyed... this was fun

  6. JoshuaCalvin

    JoshuaCalvin LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for all the reply's! Good information.

    Will post our final equipment list after we shop around and put in some more research and make purchases.

    Have found some good deals on Cargo/Box Vans on Craigslist.

    Also will be going with a quick 32 or 36 as are main mower. Any reccomendations on a good blower and weed trimmer?

  7. lawnkingforever

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    I have to agree about the Echo items at Home Depot, there low end commercial items and will hold up just fine. Trimmer is 200$ and backpack blower is around 300$. If blower will be used just for blowing grass, you could even buy a hand held for cheaper. You could go to a an Echo dealer if you want, the one by my house is same price as Home Depot on these items and you will have a place to get them serviced.

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