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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mabrito88, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Hello all. My name is Mark. I am currently a (laid off) apprentice plumber. While i enjoy the work I have always felt the need to work for myself. I have had many small business ventures including dog poo cleaner and mobile dj.

    I have a plant and landscape experience. I am confident I could run a one man lawn and landscape company. But my question is how do you guys make it successful? Could it be started in one season? Thanks guys!
  2. Numbercruncher

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    My ex-husband ran a one man lawn and landscape company until he had too many accounts to handle them all by himself in a week. He started in June and by the end of July he had too many accounts to handle solo, so yes, it can be started in one season....I've seen it.
  3. dllawson

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    Welcome Mark, you will find great information on these forums to help make your business successful. Check out the New Guy in Town post in this section for some inspiration on a fast start.
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    In one season to get off to a great start you had better advertise a lot... tell everyone you know and ask them to tell their friends and family. Once you get momentum it will be easy to get new clients. You just have to get going. Good luck

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