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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by pj550v12, Aug 15, 2007.

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    Figured I'd introduce myself on the forums finally after being a member for a while and lurking the boards. I've been in the buisness for about 5-6 years now and have been branching out to larger work besides strictly lawn mowing and this is where my problem starts.

    I recently took on a sod job for a customer of mine, about 550 sqft no big deal. Job went smooth, gets a good mixture of sun and shade and gets watered twice daily and since then the lawn has looked great with the exception of one or two very small brown patches.

    There were a few rolls of sod left so I decided to put some of them along my driveway and this is what happens. (Pics) Let me tell you all that I can. The sod arrived at the nursury Saturday morning, was laid at the customers house Monday, and at my house Tuesday. The rolls of sod at I laid were at the bottom of the pallet all that time. The area does get lots of water, I water it twice daily drenching it each time. The area also gets A LOT of sun almost all day. It almost seems as though the sod is two different types of grass, one of which is not very sun/ high temperature resistant. You can see how one different sides of the seams the grass is either green or dead. Also the dead grass started as very thin grass while the grass that is still green has a very broad leaf. What are your thoughts, any info would be great. Thanks in advance.

    Picture 035a.jpg

    Picture 036a.jpg
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    Dude....cut on friday in the heat..... the the heat...oh yeah, guess what...4 day old sod............How do I deal with these compultions to respond?
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    yeah 4 day old sod ain't going to look pretty. it pretty much starts to rot and stink after 2 days. I try to put down all sod within 1 day of being cut, sometimes we've rolled it out onto plastic and setup a temp irrigation system to keep it drenched and kept it alive for further use
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    It is 100 degrees where I am... I put about 10 pallets of sod down on my house Saturday and the sod was cut on Friday... it is the worst looking sod I have ever seen.... this time of year it has to be laid ASAP... same day they cut it.
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    4 day old sod and its sandwiched either side by concrete ....see radiant heat.

    Look at it this way you learnt something.
    Aint customers fault so eat it and get her some new stuff.
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    don't buy from the nursery. Buy direct from the sod farm. Not only will you save money (no middle man) but we will be able to lay the sod immediately.
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    Hey dont you just love it when people dont answer your questions?
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    If it does comback it will take some time. Its obvious based upon your earlier response that the grass is under stress. We deal with different types of turf. My recommendation would be to apply some Milorganit, reduce your watering to once a day for at least 15-20 min., by week two every other day should be fine. Make sure the water is getting to the root system. You should see a response within one two weeks. Lets us know the results please
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    Poor guy is gonna think Milorgnite is what brought it
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    And we all answered.............. "What are your thoughts, any info would be great. Thanks in advance."

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