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    Farm Crop Extracts has devoted all it energy's to providing organic solutions to traditional pesticides.

    Our web site is located at

    A brief history of the work involved to get to this point. Beginning in 1981 research was initiate using agricultural by products and animal feed ingredients for us as biological controls for selective and non selective weed controls, insect controls, animal replants and aquatic weed controls.

    Since the beginning enormous struggles occurred with the government over what organic and bio controls were, what active ingredients could be used and what inerts would be permitted.

    In the last 24 years the FIFRA Act's Exemption clause was adopted and subsequently was determined to be law that was undefinable even to the EPA's legal staff.

    After many enforcement issues and legal battles across the country the law is now effective, definable and usable.

    What is the benefit to the general lawn service?

    To begin with, traditional pesticides are becoming the next second hand smoke. Web sites like and are exposing new information about what Canada has done to ban pesticides and why.

    Our prospective client base for using traditional pesticides are narrowing and will continue to do so. Conversely, the market for bio pesticides are expanding and to ignore this growing market is reckless.

    Currently our products and technology are being used on over 400 million sq ft across North America.

    Our services on this form is focused on the following areas.
    Bio control solutions
    Product and use education
    Sales training
    Effective advertising templates.

    We hope you find this a useful tool towards your growth into the new biological generation of lawn service clients.

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