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    Anyone ever use it???? I just caught there commercial today. Doesn't seem bad but I was wondering what anyone else thought. Thanks
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    I'm in this business and I never heard of it. Bit it looks quite professional. However one thing I dislike with the service model is that it tries to operate in a very different market such as domain registration, web hosting, search engine marketing and a business services which have nothing to do with these listed above. To do this anyone is required to have a very broad expertise and a large team of good professionals. You might try them and to to share your experience however.
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    I've looked at it, but was told by my sis who's an accountant that it's very difficult to use. She has a couple of clients who are on there and does not like it at all. I think the main complaint was that she couldn't have multiple panes open so she would have to make a change, switch pages, make a change, switch back ... reloading those pages becomes very cumbersome especially with their interface which is not snappy from my test.
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    Natural Impressions - Intuit offers many services...if you are interested in their website hosting I would just say that I use them and am very happy. You have to do a fair amount of leg work yourself if you want to design and enter all the meta tags and keywords etc, but I thought it's pretty user friendly over all....feel free to pm me any website is

    Best of luck...

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