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  1. jeffex

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    Anyone ever have success with selling thier
    inventions to manufacturers. I have a thing I
    call "THE WEEDWAXER" I trying to sell to a trimmer
    company. It turns your trimmer into a buffing tool
    Great for boats and Large vehicles! I have been
    able to register my ideas with patent attorneys
    but a patent is BIG MONEY. I came up with a
    hydraulic lift table called the "GATE CREEPER" to
    lift large mowers high enough to get them through
    small gates. I'm working on a simple snowplow
    that fits my 36" walkbehind. It survived our first
    snow so I'll work on that this winter.
  2. jeffyr

    jeffyr LawnSite Senior Member
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    The gate creeper sounds interesting.
    Can you explain ?

  3. jeffex

    jeffex LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The gatecreeper is a hydraulic lift table. it is
    30" wide w/turf wheels it will store on your
    trailer 30'' by 4ft. It has paddles like on a
    car lift that fold out to adjust to the size of
    wb you slide the paddles under the deck pump
    up the lift lable over the 4 ft fence and push
    the lift table through the gate then lower the
    hydraulic lift table and your mowing with a full
    size wb the 10 min you waste on this you more
    than save rather than using th 21" mower It
    also doubles as a service lift for your mower
  4. jeffex

    jeffex LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,933

    I'll see if I can dig up my drawing
  5. fdew

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  6. chrisbolte

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    that would be nice to work on bottom of mower.
  7. Greenkeepers

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    from NE Ohio
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    You said pump it up?? How does this work with a handpump or by hydraulics?
  8. jay

    jay LawnSite Member
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    I sent in a idea to that company that advertises to patent ideas but got no reply back. How do you go about patenting a idea, is it expensive? Who's the best person to talk to?
  9. Hardy Enterprises

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    I am a mechanical engineer. Although we did not have a class that dealed specifically with patents we did discuss them in a class called mechanical systems design. First thing you do before disclosing any information about a new design to anyone is have the person sign a paper basically saying that they cannot patient any of the ideas that you tell them in their name. Putting your ideas on the internet is definitly not advisible. Somebody that knows what they are doing could have a patent on your idea before you ever figure out how to patent it. Obtaining a patent can be a costly and time consuming task. Generally you need to find a someone skilled in obtaining patents who is willing to take your idea through the step. We was told in our class that if we had an idea that we was interested in obtaining a patent on we could go through the school. These were the basics step if we wanted to go through the school. First contact a professor from the department and have him sign the above mention form. Tell him the idea, if he thought is was a good idea he would setup a meeting where you would present your idea to a board. This board would then decide if your idea was good (meaning it was marketable and profitable). If they decide to go forward with the idea the university has a patent search performed. This is see if your idea has already been patented. If your idea is new and it is decided that it will be profitable the university will then pay for all patenting cost and take care of all legal issue for you. In return they get 10% of net profits from this patent for 10 years(The percentages and number of year might not be right but it's something like that) after that it is all yours. I am sure that there are other university that do the same thing as well as business that specialize in this type of thing. One thing about doing it this way is that if somebody agree to do all this work you pretty much know you got something. These people aren't going to waste there time and money if they don't think you have a profitable idea.

  10. jeffex

    jeffex LawnSite Bronze Member
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    The form you get them to sign is called a
    non-disclosure form. You can make one up or
    go to smart My trial and much
    error experience so far has given me this game
    plan for the winter. Pick a company and e-mail
    thier intellectual properties dept. a non-disclosure
    form . If they sign and return it then fax them
    your idea and see if they are willing to procede
    with developement. One of my lawn customers works
    in the patent developement dept. for a biochemical
    company. She says I can do the patent search myself
    and pay the patent fee. Her best estimate to go
    through the whole process with one of the companys
    that assists you in getting a patent is $8000 to
    $10,000. I have many other Ideas for products but
    I need to get my first break. As for someone stealing
    my idea that one I already freely gave up to a hydraulic
    lift table company. I hope they produce it so I can buy
    one. Live and learn. I did register the idea with a
    patent attorney so it gives me a year before they can
    steal it.

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