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    I need to get some new customers and so far door hangers seem to work. I need a new trailer, weed eater, blower and another 21" mower. Right now i have a 48" z 21" mower 1 weed eater and 1 blower and i am borrowing a trailer from a friend that doesnt use it much but does not want to sell it. Now i am only trying to service small lawns. Now i have $5,000 to invest into the business what would you do with the money.
  2. GreenUtah

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    You need the ability to haul your equipment when you need to work. I'd say a small trailer or a rampgate if you have a full sized truck(your 48 will fit in the back with the 21 turned sideways of a 8 foot bed, 4wd tends to be too tall though) An 8 ft single axle trailer should be 500 dollars or less, if you have a place to store it. I'd say that is a priority. As far as additional equipment goes, you don't need it unless your current is failing or you are maxed out, production wise, on what you can currently do. If you are needing more customers, that doesn't sound too likely. Door hangers are like mailed ads. You get ten seconds to make your pitch and it better catch their attention. That's a very passive and time consuming way to get the word out as your primary marketing effort. Local small papers can often reach many more people for the same or less money and can be effective ads if worded properly. Pay attention to what others are doing consistently in your market to see what your prospective clients are being groomed to respond to. Door hangers should be used at neighbors of clients you are doing right now, telling them that you are servicing other properties in their neighborhood. But better yet, knock on the doors and tell them yourself. If you are doing a job you are proud of, point it out. Face to face is far more effective and it only costs you your time. If you haven't thought about an image for your company, do it now. Truck signage, uniforms and some branded written pieces(proposals, invoices & leave behinds). These are effective, low cost ways to strengthen and build your presence in your market. You don't need to spend all your money to do these small things and reap large rewards. Yuo should be able to take care of your real, imediate needs for under $1k. Hold onto as much as you can to weather unforseen events and be able to take advantage of real opportunities when they present themselves, take pride in what you do and you'll find everything else will fall in line.
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    I don't want to be a jerk, but how can you be in biz for four years and not have a trailer? I would imagine that loading a Z out of the back of your truck is a real pain. And, if this guy has been loaning you a trailer for this long, why stop now?
  4. willretire@40

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    I did have a enclosed trailer but i got rid of it the end of last season. I hated going in side that thing and it was eating me up in gas. I have been doing this part time for the last four years now i am just trying to grow and do it full time. The reason i did not by a trailer yet was bc my friend just told me that i could use it until i figured out what size i wanted. dont want anything to big think i am going to go with a 6x10 since i am only doing small yards.

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