Investing in lawncare companies?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. meets1

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    Any of you guys invest in stocks/bonds/mutual funds/ira/etc?

    If so, do any of you invest in say TORO, DEERE, CAT, GM, FORD and any other names?

    If not what are you buying now, if anything?

    They say invest in what you know but maybe 2 many eggs in one basket type of thing.
  2. IMAGE

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    Investing in large Ag companies is good for many reasons:
    Farming is becoming more corporate... meaning new equipment all the time is a must.
    Equipment is a tax write off... meaning new equipment is cheap(er).
    The world is shrinking... meaning China is buying more US Ag/Construction equipment.
    Construction equipment sales may be falling in the US, but it is growing world wide.

    Basically I am saying its a good time to invest in AG/Construction companies. (Like Deere/Cat)
    Also, heavy industy construction is something like 10 yrs backlogged. So companies that make large tanker ships,trains, and shipping containers... invest in them big time.
    With the world becoming smaller, transportation of goods and items is in a higher demand then ever, so its a good investment.

    One other tidbit... invest in oil exploration companies. (and companies that build oil exploration rigs)

    WARNING: These are general industry overviews, it is up to you to find the companies inside each industry that are worth investing in.
  3. bj1bmx

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    CAT is a strong company like image said. market is down, nows a good time to get in.

    as far as buying lawn tractor companies or automakers, id steer clear. these industries rely on the consumer to constantly spend money. while we may or may not be going into a recession, id put my money on necessities such as energy, oil exploration,etc. brazil and some eastern europeans could be a good play this year as well. gold and oil will continue to rise unless there is a major change in monetary policy.

    consider buying foreclosed real estate to fix up and rent to others... then its in your hands, not the world market.

    good luck
  4. sikagrass

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    Think diversification, you already have money invested in mowing and its biz cycle.
  5. greenbaylawns

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  6. GPDesign1

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    Briggs & Stratton (BGG) is my pick.

    Great fundamental value (both the product and the company)
    Strong cash position, manageable debt.
    Long history with an iconic brand name.
    Current price near historic lows. Nice dividend.
    Smart new management. Wise diversification and alliances.

    <disclaimer> Yes, I own BGG :cool2:

  7. RonB

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    TRA (fert.) was undervalued couple years ago $6/7. Now its $50. Solar stocks kinda ride oil prices ups and downs.

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