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Invisible Fencing


LawnSite Member
northwest Wi.
has anyone done any work with invisible fencing? I have heard that it isn't to hard to do and it's a great money maker. any ideas on where to get a good product & what is a good way to charge for this service?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Raleigh, NC
I wouldn't do it unless you really need the work. If we all expand our businesses to do everything.... pressure washing, house painting, wood work, fencing, etc... we will never make money because we aren't doing what we are best at. We would also have higher costs for equipment becuase we would need more kinds. To maximize profit I think that we need to stick with the couple things we do best and advertise them and feel up our schedules with them!


LawnSite Platinum Member
I've done alot of work on those lousy no good time wasting pieces of crap. The trouble is it was always splicing it back together after ripping it apart doing installs. Heck follow me around and I can keep you busy, of course I do not not pay much. Would you be interested in splicing cable TV usually get them at the same time LMAO



LawnSite Silver Member
Morgantown, WV
I am with Mac on this, I always seem to find the cable with the aerator tines, or with a shovel.We always ask everyone about location of the wires, and 99.9% of the time they are wrong.We'll fix it, but it costs the owner extra$$$.I put it in at my place a few years ago, and my lab(pup at the time) went right through it.Waste of $ 300.00 IMO...Got an el cheapo edger I'll sell ya to install that crappy fence!!


LawnSite Senior Member
:) Sorry but im in the Lawncare Business, have no time to start doing fencing, i do agree i have several clients with them and they are a pain in the AZZ......Marks Mowing Service...from web-tv this time not Aol,Im downstairs computer upstairs.....LOL

Yard Perfect

LawnSite Member
ECM Lawn!!! Great response - I will remember what you said. I find myself looking for more rather than improving on what I am doing.

Thank You

Dave Kent

Old Red

LawnSite Member
The other night I was surfing the television at work and on one of the home improvement channels they were showing the installation of these fences. Fella had a saw cutting a slit in the lawn where he laid the wire. At the time I thought, "hmmm, I could do that". When I got home I searched this site on the topic and found nothing. While I'd agree you could spread yourself too thin this still could be an option. VLS98 I hope you get some positive feedback here.


LawnSite Silver Member
Please dont insult the REAL Invisble Fence company by talking about the other junk that the discount stores sell in the same sentence. I;ve lost count of how many neighbors/customers bought the knock off brands and none of them now work. Inv Fence makes a quality product and the key component is the collar...it is sized to the size of the dog so as to make the shock not to much or too little for the dog. They do a nice job on the elec componets that are installed, usually in the garage. They also train the dog owner on how to train the dog to learn the fence line. I;ve owned Inv Fence at both my last 2 houses. Costs about $1000 but well worth it. My next door negihbor tried the junk that Lowes sells...after days of aggravation, he now has Inv Fence.
Cutting the wire in, is the easy part..I know becuase I break it every other year when aerating.Its the other stuff thats important.wh

Let Inv Fence do what they do well...and lets not forget the poor dog who gets the brunt of a poorly installed elec fence with no owner training. Don't get me started on goober pet owners....


LawnSite Member
We've had the Invisible Fence for our dogs for almost 10 years. For the last 5 or 6 the dogs only get the warning tone. They hear that from their collars and they stop. We haven't had the fence set to shock them in that time. There is no need too. It only took a couple of times during the training period and they remember. I've been shocked by the collar a couple of times when we were testing or training. It's not something you want to experience a lot. As for installation and maintenance, an aerator can do damage to the wire and finding the bad spot is a pain. Putting the wire under ground is no big deal. We had it installed when we first bought it. Since then I have changed the dimensions of the area the dogs can go a couple of times. In deep woods just lay it on the ground and over time the brush will cover it.


LawnSite Silver Member
Grump...you are right about the shock not being something you want to experience very often...its a pretty good jolt.. Imagine the shock to a 35 lb dog when it nails us and we are 5 or 6 times bigger than Fido. My dog also never goes near the perimeter...even when he wants to chase a critter..great product they make...I can't even imagine how I would feel if I installed one of these knock off brands and my dog, or a customers dog gets killed becuase I didn't install it properly...not enough money in the world to take that risk