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invitation to bid on a very comlex hoa of townhome and individual


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like the title says, but it was actually response to add in the local paper. they did not contact on their own, which is unheard of anymore right?

well, it is a 30 home tight knit gated town and individual home owners association . i have bid it b4 but for the developer(didnot get it due to snow removal/i dont do it) this year snow is not part of the bid and is separate.

i still have all my bidding info saved so i can spend much less time then all the others measuring and guessing. i am also using goilawn to check over my previous notes for accuracy.

the walk thru today took place with the three board members and all 7 of the bidders(including the little turd lowballer that has been giving me issues of backstabbing and lowballing). we looked over everything and asked questions all with snow on the ground and little grass showing. i was the only one with company jacket and lettered work truck . i think that matters a small amount. plus, get this, i had a private talk with two of the board members(hsuband and wife) after the group dispersed. some of it was personal and some business. ended up she has had the exact heart issues and a surgery my wife has to have, so it was very helpful and they were very willing to talk with my wife to answer any questions she would have! all of this over cups of tea. it was very nice. i also got to hear bug reasons why they fired the last lco(which i know already and his common mistakes) so it was intersting for sure. i wonder if my prices are in line, if that private meeting will have any impact on the contract as far as personal presention and professionalism goes? i hope so, i really want this for 2 reaons, 1. to replace the large ones i lost lately, and 2. i have always wanted this property on my list as i know i can really make it shine over the old lco and the newbies that comprised of the rest of the bidders. wish me luck, and i am going to price very cometitive without being low low low to try and not be the highest or lowest.

i know of all of them i am the most quailified and def the most best equiped to do this kind of job efficiently compared to the others, so i think i will price with that in mind being a little cheaper than normal on many aspects, including the mulch material barely above cost and make the labor, to help reduce overall costs. i have seen this done by that lowballer i mentioned above and he got the contract due to that even though he was higher than me on mowing.

thoughts and comments and suggestions?


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Good luck man I hope it works out for you!!! and yes apperance means alot uniforms go a long way especially with upscale customers!!


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Champaign, IL
Even though rather simple to do, It amazes me how many people come to bid in just everyday clothes. A nice polo with the company logo will make people know that you are a legit business. In our case where it is cold, a nice jacket or sport pullover is a very nice touch! Good luck, sounds like you have a great shot!


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Getting past the Property Manager and to the BOD's is the best way to get an account. Basically if you are in the ballpark and they like you, you should get it. Communication is typically the reason accounts are lost. So keep it touch with the BOD. Good Luck.

Right now I got 88 townhomes (4 locations) on contract for multi years and got a call about another 70 townhomes that are not happy with their current contractor. Being smaller has it's advantages with offering personalized service after that have been with large company's with issues.


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it does, but we are getting quite large for our area. still a medium sized one by industry standards though.

thanks for the encouraging words


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Oh man I could so unload, you did ask for thoughts thou but I'll try and keep it short.

Soon as I saw the first bidder other than myself I would have said thank you and left because obviously these folks
think they're going to play the entire lot of bidders off against each other and they set it up just real nice like that, too.

That wasn't no accident that the whole bunch just so happened to be there all at the same time,
and some folks might think it's convenient but the dark part of the truth runs far deeper and I strongly
suspect they knew this all too well, the entire thing is being done a certain way and that's because
it's for their own self-serving reasons.

The fact they want a good price I might tolerate, but they could have just said as much, this kind of setup only means
these folks think they're king of the hill and anyone that works for them is going to be enjoined into slave labor and the
entire thing is a total load of crap I wouldn't tolerate for an instant because it also means these customers full and well
INTEND on being a total PITA the entire year.

Yes sir, this is just the beginning of a relationship that's going to turn into a nitpicking and phonecalling and emailing NIGHT mare.
You can win that bid and tell me later I was wrong but I don't play this ride me like a donkey game,
so they can smile all they want because they can also sure as hell stick it.

Which, that would be the other reason why I'd walk away in a flash.
Now I'll stop because I said I'd keep it short but I hardly got myself in gear yet...

Peace out
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I did want to add...
Why did you even call these folks?

If you're that desperate for work maybe you better go find a job, unfortunately I have to take back
some of what I just said because the fact that you called them actually puts the ball in their court,
sick as that entire setup might be but then they didn't call any of us initiating the BS...

All they did was put an ad in the paper, odd way of doing things if you ask me but then I didn't react to it.

I don't call people asking about their work unless I'm actively looking for a job,
for the same reason why McDonald's doesn't call me when I'm hungry either.


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TS, you really have issues don't you? So if you go to a place that called you and asked to do a walk through and bid a job, your not going to do it if another LCO is there too? You really do have issues. Everything you talk about seems pessimistic. Haven't you ever heard of competition?


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Shawnee Kansas
Competition is one thing. Lining up 7 companies in a row and walking them through a property is lame at best.

Im with topsites on this.


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i dont disagree, but i also know they felt over run by the last lco(whom i know his practices very well, and they were def ball kicked) so i can at least understand they thoughts behind this from their point of view too. there is a little belittling(sp) going on in this type of meeting and i felt this from the begining when i found this out. i actually think they dont have any idea what they are doing from the bid sheet and comments during the "tour". they wanted to make it very clear what they were looking for, and have every right to do so after having thier wishes(actually normal everday things like blow landscape off when blowing lots of grass into it while mowing, and trimming ALL the shrubs, cause the missed a bunch and never came bacl to finish yet sent a bill type of stuff) mostly ignored for few years.

oh, and topsites, i am far from starved from work, we end up turning stuff down every spring temorarily after we fill our quota, so we dont get too busy and end up with bad service which loses customers. of course there are exceptions to this, but if you had a multi crew company that was very behind due to excessive rains like last year, would you still try to take on more work knowing full well you cant get it done? i just want this job, i like the property and it is a pride thing, not a need work really bad thing, although i do want some more as i lost my biggest three this year already, but in fact i had a little too much last year anyways .

we have alot of military here which lends itself to this kind of attitude when asking for bids and dealing with us contractors, but i have become very used to it and i can tell you guys we have very very little problems satisfiying customers, even the very hard to please. most back off quick after they see the results they were looking for and the reliablilty we exeplifiy. so it poses little issue with me that someone might be percieved as a pita, as we rarely get any problems after we start and meet or exceed expatations