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Invoice Breakdown


LawnSite Member
I have my first small mulch job this week. It is 3 yds installed and delivered for 150$. My question is how do you guys typically break this down on an invoice/Bill ?

My price for the mulch is 18$ per yrd. My price for the bid is based on what Ive seen many on Lawnsite do, $50 per yrd installed.

Do you guys run a breakdown like 3x18=$54 Material and than another line for labor =$96. Im afraid a customer would look at that and say whoa!! your making $33 per hour and that is outrageous.

I also have a small shrub trim job on the same property that would take maybe 30 minutes. How would you guys invoice and bill that?

Thanks, Willie


LawnSite Silver Member
Originally posted by dfor
Lump sum. "3 yds. mulch delivered & installed"----------$150
thats how we do it.

we take the total cost of material, usually multiply it x 2.5 or 3 and bill them. I like the latter #


LawnSite Senior Member
To the customer it is shown as one service:
3 yards of mulch delivered and installed - $150

to our records, we break it down to help with pricing

3 yards mulch - $54
installation & labor - $96


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Thanks guys! I thought that was how most of you were doing it. I do not think the customers quite understand what is involved in this buisness. They are just focusing in on what they think is an extremely high wage per hour. Nevermind all the other expenses we have to pay to do this job in a legal/professional way.