Invoice mailing Envelopes, how profesional do they look?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dobehap, Jan 16, 2004.

  1. tiedeman

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    online billing and for postal mail double window envelope with stamp on it. The stamp shows a certain personal touch.
  2. dishboy

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    I use QUICKBOOKS and double window envelopes. Just fold the invoices and customers address as well as mine are typed and fit in the windows of the envelope. I print labels from word and enclose a self addressed return evelope. I still have to use stamps, but I think flowers or the American flag are cool.
  3. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Ive been using clickstamp online from pitney bowes. Looks a lot like yours soupy. Only costs $4.99 per month as well. Prints envelopes with postage from my printer and I can include message. Got my logo on top of return address. Check it out on pintney bowes web site and search for clickstamp.Pitney bowes
  4. mtdman

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    Yep, this is what I do. But I always try to get the cool stamps to mail them out with. I have been buying the Korean War Memorial stamp lately. My father was in Korea, and when I went to DC I got to see that Memorial up close. Very cool.

    Honestly, I don't ever pay attention to stamps on bills I send, I don't think my customers do either. And if the stamp on their statement is the make it or break it factor for my service, then they are looking at the wrong thing.

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    My wife and I use # 10 window envelopes from either Officemax
    or Office Depot (store brand), order the self-adhesive stamps from the USPS via their "stamps by mail" service, set up Quickbooks for printing the customers name and etc. to fit the window and finally purchase our return address labels in large quanities (Avery or store brand again).
    We looked into the double window envelopes from Costco or Officemax, but for the price difference we can purchase the larger quanity of label stock and print them ourselves.:blob4:
  6. NCSULandscaper

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    I just do the simple #10 security envelope and print them out on the comp. I have my logo and address in the returns section and the customers printed name and a stamp. I do not think people care if you use a stamp or a meter.
  7. Soupy

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    I agree with the last reply, I started using for the simplicity of printing the address.

    This year, I am going to go with the windowed envelopes and just throw a stamp on them. I believe this will look just as professional. Remember though, A metered envelope will reach you clients a day faster. It does not have to go through the sorting process. I used to do my billing at night, get to the post office after 10 pm and my mail was still delivered the next morning.

    reaching the customer fast can be important sometimes. I will still use for these occasions.
  8. dobehap

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    Just a question, if I use window envelopes, ....can I feed those through a printer...(because of plastic window/ printer heat???)

    My new printer is on order, if this cant be done, I guess I have no other choice but a stamp.
  9. Green Finger

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    I use stamps and I HAND write on all the envelope bills. The invoices themselves are printed. Customers dont' care as long as the service is great.

    If I had a fulltime office person things would look better but I don't and I make due.:rolleyes:

    Focus on quality work and billing on time and you'll be fine.
  10. dobehap

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    I dissagre with a lot of people saying that it doesnt matter how proffesional your envelopes look. Heres why.

    Say a customer gets 10 Bills, and they are tight on money, which bills do you think he is going to pay first.... All his real bills are double window envelops and metered postage on it.... and his last bill is with a stamp, and hand written address.

    I believe your hand written envelope will be thrown in the bottom of the pile. Those envelopes are IMAGES of your company. And people will think more highly about your "company" when its presented in a proffesional matter -in all aspecs, even envelopes.

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