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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Vanlue_b, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Vanlue_b

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    I finally got my Invoice set up, last year I had to use invoices out of a book which is fine but some times when I got in a hurry my hand writing was relly bad. The software I used to create the invoice alows me to keep track of late invoices and paid etc.... and I was wandering if you use the software to keep track or if you print two invoices off to keep track of who has paid.
    Thanks for your time comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Moose's Mowing

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    looks like it'll work. At the bottom, where it says about the credit card payments, chenge "excepting" to "accepting"
  3. Vanlue_b

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    Thanks for looking over my invoice it is greatly appreciated. Its always nice to have someone else proof read to help catch mistakes and give advice on what to do. Thanks again.
  4. Roger

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    What are you using for financial management software? Any oft-used programs, such as QuickBooks, provides an Invoice function. It is integrated, and the information rolls up for A/R, and then rolls over to Deposit for the Banking function.

    Why would you make up a separate invoice, and then want to transfer the data over to software for financial management, banking, credit cards, etc.? Why spend the time, and, more importantly, risk errors in the transfer. It is all double work, work that is prone to errors.

    Sorry, but what am I missing by doing a separate invoice?
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    I have the same question as Roger, and comments needs an "m"

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    I think I would put "lawn" in place of "yard". I think it sounds a bit more professional. Just my .02
  7. Vanlue_b

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    Ya I got software it is "My Invoices and Estimates Deluxe" and it does allow me to keep track of paid invoices. I also got quickbooks last year wich I spent over 100.00 dollars on and it worked great till my computer took a crap on me, wich made me have to right out invoices by hand, and I can not get it to download on to my laptop, not very computer savy. That is the main reason why I was wandering if any body printed out two invoices one for the customer, and one for your files just in case something like that happens.
  8. Roger

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    Go back and devote time and resources to getting a working computer, and QuickBooks. You are telling us with this post you are not tracking expenses, revenues, and managing your bank account.

    I'm sorry, but you can't be serious about running a business, no matter how large, or small, without managing your finances. Most businesses fail because of poor financial practices, not because the work cannot be done. How can you possibly manage with your tax obligations without records?

    It is time to step back 10 steps, and refocus on what is important in your business with regard to financial management. The Invoice question is just a tip of the problem. Tackle the important issues first. If you are unable to afford a PC and Quickbooks (or similar), then you have to wonder about the effectiveness of your business.
  9. Vanlue_b

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    Dear Mr. Rogers
    I am not trying to sound rude and be disrespectful or anything here I am grateful for your help, but I think you need to take 15 steps back and reevaluate what you’re talking about. I just asked what I thought was a simple question and you seem to be taking it in a completely different direction. All I was looking for is if anybody PRINTED off two invoices so they could keep one in their records in case there computer blows up half way through the season, Like mine did and it was not repairable so I lost all my income revenue information for half the season because I did not have any physical copies of those invoices, and like most people just STARTING OUT don’t have hundreds of dollars laying around to just go buy a new one. So I guess the answer to my own question would be yes, go ahead and print off two invoices so you have one for your records. Next thing is why in the h**l do you think you need a computer and QuickBooks or some other similar software, to be able to manage your financial obligations, that is completely absurd. The effectiveness of your business has nothing to do with having a fancy computer and software, people managed there business’s before there were computers. I did just fine last year after my computer blew up managing all my business’s financial obligations with something called a PEN, PAPER, AND A FILING CABNET. I understand having a computer and software would be a big help that is why I saved my money and now have a laptop, to replace my blown up computer, and like I said once before I have QuickBooks I had it last year, but for some reason it will not download onto my laptop. Sorry about the rant I just felt like I had to say something….
  10. Roger

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    No offense intended, or none received.

    The OP was asking the wrong question. You are free to accept or reject any advice or suggestions. However, having worked with many small businesses and start ups over time, a pattern follows success or failure. Financial management is a keystone in the building of a business. It matters not how big or small. We are in business to make money. We are not in business to drive our mowers across somebody's yard, hoping to make a straight line, and lay down stripes. If you loose focus on why you have a business, then it is doomed to failure. Keeping good track of expenses, keeping an up to date, reconciled bank account, knowing the source of your income stream, having good records for tax purposes, being able to present yourself professionally to clients -- all necessary and vital to being successful.

    To be sure, "pencil and paper" can work. If I gathered 100 LCOs together, and asked them to go to the local office supply store and buy the necessary items to manage their business with "pencil and paper" I am doubting that less than a handful would know what to buy. Ledgers, journals, etc. were very important during the "pencil and paper" days. But, I'm doubting that few would know what to buy, or how to use them in 2012. You need to know about bookkeeping principles to make the "pencil and paper" system work. Software covers up much that for you (not necessarily a good thing, BTW).

    Healthy financial management of your business is far more important than having the latest trimmer, being able to make straight lines, being able to mulch clippings rather than bagging, knowing how to use the leaf loader to make quick work of leaves, etc.

    You have all the components you need for an able system. You've just told us you have a laptop -- I expect most LCOs work their business off a laptop, a desktop PC is not necessary. You have a copy of QuickBooks. Like most of us, you probably bought a single license. There is no reason to expect it to work on a second computer, apart from clearing the change with Intuit -- a simple task. So, you have all the tools you need. There is no need to spending one more penny. You have spent all the money necessary to have a good system to manage your finances. Rather than making second invoices off a separate system, I believe your time would be better spent establishing the QB software on your laptop, and putting it to use.

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